Dorothy Holm Rand memorial at St. Olaf

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In the middle of the St. Olaf campus:

The Centennial Tree
in memory of
Dorothy Holm Rand
“A precious lady before the Lord” – 1974

This is an ongong series of blog posts on all the memorials in the Northfield area. Want to help? Contact me with ones you know of. Include photos and text, if possible. I’ll credit you. I’ll also tag/categorize all these blog posts with “Northfield area memorials” to make it easy to see them all in one place.

2 thoughts on “Dorothy Holm Rand memorial at St. Olaf”

  1. I am trying to trace my family tree. My great-grandfather had a brother Ednor, who had a daughter Dorothy. We think they lived in Manitoba. A memorial to Dorothy Holm Rand d. 1974, at St Olaf campus in Minnesota, might be about this family. Do you have any more information about her?
    Thank you

    1. I’m not sure if we are related. Iown a dinner plate signed Dorothy Holm, 1974. My maiden name is Gilliam, on my dad’s side. His mom was a Russell.
      On my mother’s side, which is likely where I inherited it from ,the Stethem side , on her dad’s side, and Mason and Hussey on her mom’s, my grandma’s, side. I will upload a picture if you would like to see.

      Mrs. K. A. Sanarov

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