Temporary skatepark opens at Babcock: Where will it end up?

Temporary skatepark at Babcock Park Temporary skatepark at Babcock Park 
There are now six temporary skatepark structures set up at Babcock Park and judging from the crowd there last night, it appears to be a hit.

Temporary skatepark at Babcock Park Temporary skatepark at Babcock Park Temporary skatepark at Babcock Park

See the Skatepark Coalition’s blog posts for more photos of the construction, and last week’s Nfld News: Coalition gets help building a temporary skatepark at Babcock.

16 comments to Temporary skatepark opens at Babcock: Where will it end up?

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    Julie Bubser says:

    It is truly awesome to drive by and see skateboarders of all ages enjoying their passion. This temporary park is evidence of the truest sense of community spirit. Kudos to all the adult and youth volunteers and a very hardworking UMD intern, Jordan Taylor.

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    Griff Wigley says:

    Zach Pruitt’s post on the HCI blog has a bunch of photos: Neighborhood comes together to help local skaters.

    And see this Flickr slideshow of moving day:

  • 3
    Jane Moline says:

    It is great to see so many enjoying their temporary digs. Good job, Northfield, on making something good happen.

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    Jane McWilliams says:

    As a regular patron of the dog park, I am delighted that the city and skateboard supporters/volunteers have transformed that fallow area into such a happening place. It will be fun for Fido and me to watch the kids doing their stuff.

    Moreover, people driving to (or through) our through town will be impressed with the lively activities -- skateboard, rodeo, bicyclists, walkers, dogs -- something going on in all seasons!


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    David Ludescher says:

    Maybe this should be the permanent solution.

  • 6
    Peter Millin says:

    The park is a great idea and a smart use of that space. Let’s hope it becomes permanent.

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    Arlen Malecha says:

    It is nice to see the (temp) skate park up and running. I have seen skaters, bikers and even a few dogs utilizing the new equipment. Kudos to all involved in getting this up & running.

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    Robbie Wigley says:

    Every time I drive by this temporary park, it is full of people, well used and obviously a great space! Lately I have seen an increasing number of bikes and the last time there were so many bikes that I didn’t see any skate boarders… is this a problem? Do the heavier bikes create damage to the structures that the skate boards don’t? How does the Skate Board Coalition feel about this or was that the plan? Just wondering… because all the structures that I have seen for bikes have been concrete.

  • 9
    Griff Wigley says:

    Robbie, I blogged some photos this morning of the damaged/repaired skatepark ramps. I’m not sure that the damage is caused by bikes, but one of the rules posted is “No pegs on bikes.”

  • 10
    John S. Thomas says:

    Three Questions I have…

    One, how is the Skatepark Coalition doing on its maintenance fund for the ramps.

    Two, how long will the structures remain in place into the fall season.

    Three, where can I send another donation to help with both the maintenance and the new park fund?

    Thanks to all! I am truly amazed at the amount of folks using the skate park on a daily basis.

    Also, I vote NO to making this a PERMANANT solution. They deserve a real, permanant park, settling for less than that is unacceptable over the long term.

  • 11
    Griff Wigley says:

    I’m wondering if the popularity of this temporary skate park is going to require some kind of supervision. I’m hearing some rumblings about behavior.

  • 12
    Griff Wigley says:

    Nfld News: Again: Old Memorial Field emerges as council favorite for skatepark.

    Council members ranked the sites on a
    scale from zero to five based on 21
    factors including community
    integration, visibility, access and
    amenities. When all the ratings were
    averaged, Old Memorial was the
    highest-rated site on 11 factors, but
    scored in the middle of the pack on
    neighborhood concerns.

  • 13
    kiffi summa says:

    Wanna’ bet that’s NOT where it will go?

  • 14
    Griff Wigley says:

    I’ve appended the phrase “Where will it end up?” to the blog headline.  The issue is on the Council agenda tonight. See page 10 of the packet:

    ITEM: Narrow Skate Park Location Selections


    The City Council is asked to pass Resolution 2009-095 – reducing the number of sites in the selection process for a skateboard park location from ten to five. The remaining sites being Babcock Park (North), Memorial Field, Multiple Sites Mini-Area, School District Areas, and Spring Creek Park.


    The Council is being asked to approve Resolution 2009-095 which reduces the number of sites in the selection process for a skateboard park location from ten to five. The Council reviewed the outcome of their scoring exercise on August 31, 2009 and identified the locations and stated reasons for removing five sites from the selection process. The resolution identifies the park locations removed from the selection process and the council’s stated reasons.

    Also, see the Skate Board Plaza Site Evalutation Matrix (PDF), appended to the Council packet.

  • 15
    kiffi summa says:

    Unfortunately, the council members’ names were omitted from their matrix evaluation sheets. This does not support the ‘transparency’ issue they all campaigned on this last election, and which is, indeed, one of their stated goals for their council term.

    People have a right to know how their councilors vote/think on an issue… that’s how citizens decide on who to vote for, or against.

    The lack of names attached to the rating sheets was mentioned at an open mic comment last night, by a person opposed to the siting in Memorial Park.

    If people want a response to a comment they make at open mic, they need to submit a more formal request in writing; a verbal comment at open mic will not necessarily generate any response later.

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