Celebrate Carnaval in Northfield by James Grabau

On Sat., Feb. 20, the Northfield Rotary Club & the Northfield Public Schools Community Services Division are hosting To Brasil and Back: An evening of Brazilian music, culture and food at the  Northfield Middle School. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Rotary Youth Exchange.

General admission tickets are $20. You can order tickets online. See the poster PDF and the ‘To Brasil and Back’ blog post for more info.

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    1. No one should miss this great event! Who ever heard of such an opportunity to get a bit of Brasil on a wintery February evening in Minnesota! For just $20 you will be entertained with a “big band” playing samba, bossa nova and other great Brazilian hits along with local talent, education, dance and celebrity appearances! Come early at 5:30 to get some great tasting Brazilian cuisine, masks to purchase to complete your Carnaval look and learn more about Youth Exchange. You will be sorry if you miss it. Call me for tickets at 507 645 4218 or go to Present Perfect downtown Nfd or go online at http://www.nfldcommserv.org/Northfield/ClassDetails.aspx?ClassID=3117&ProgramID=15069&ProgramName=Adult%20Enrichment&CategoryID=15082&CategoryName=Arts%20&%20Literature Obrigada, Vick

  1. This is sure to be a fun event for all ages and we expect it to be sold out so hoping people will get their tickets before they are too late.

  2. This show is going to be great – the singer, Dandara, is also known as the Tina Turner of Brazil. Get your tickets soon, they are going fast!

    1. WOW – This is the Cheapest “flight” TO BRAZIL AND BACK you’ll ever get. I am bringing all my friends for a hot evening of SAMBA. Samba lessons will be given between 6 and 7 o’clock that evening. Feathers, boas, sequens, masks and t-shirts are all available for sale when you get there…if you are not brining your own. What a wonderful Snow Break for the entire family!

  3. Thousand Hills Cattle company is supplying our meat, Patty Estrada is the chef…Brazilian barbequed meat on a stick for $2, beans and rice with farofa for only $2, Guarana…authentic Braziian pop for $1, Brigidero…Brazilian desserts and authentic Brazilian coffee, a buck each! Come and get your Carnaval masks at the door and be ready to forget you are in Minnesota for the evening. Don’t miss out on the fun! This is a family affair, bring the clan! See you there!

  4. You Rotary members are demonstrating THEEEEE perfect textbook example on how comments attached to a LG membership sideblog post (left sidebar) can keep the post high up in the conversation excerpts (right sidebar). Nicely done.

  5. This is a community event….Rotary Youth Exchange benefits the entire town! We send so many students out (10 are out now…Japan, S. Africa, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Finland and Thailand)and 17 will be going out next year (India, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Italy, Spain, Germany , Denmark, Argentina, Lithuania). Our students become world citizens and bring that home to us, but at the same time we are hosting students from other parts of the world that only enhance the Northfield students experience here. It is a win win for all, I do believe. Then there are the host families that get to make this home for the inbound student, they all benefit too. So, it is so important to not only come to have fun at this event and learn some new things, it is important to keep this program alive and well for future students. See you there!

  6. How often do you get to wear feathers in Northfield? Tickets are at Present Perfect until Saturday. Feather boas only $6.95!

  7. OK, I have never blogged before (nor do I intend to make it a habit!), but I had to jump in… I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen with Northfield’s Rotary Youth Exchange program. Vicki Dilley, the Estenson’s and many, many more of our community members have put together an incredible opportunity for our youth. It truly is the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m happy to support this program, and am looking forward to Saturday night’s event!!

  8. Looks like the weather is going to be delightful for a night out in Northfield. It won’t be exactly like Rio right now which reports record high temps, hotter than the Sierra desert! How lucky are we? Wear your coat, we will hang it up for you!!

  9. Tickets are available at Present Perfect, the Rotary website (northfieldrotary.org) and I have some here at the First National Bank if people are looking for where to buy them.
    thanks….it will be a fun night and a great cause.
    Looking forward to Will Healy on stage again.
    Rick Estenson

  10. I second Cheryl Strike’s post. We are so lucky to live in a community that values this experience for our students–both those who get to study abroad and those Northfield students who will be benefiting from the students who come to be a part of the Northfield community from other countries next year. Thanks to everyone for supporting this worthy cause!

  11. Griff, you are off duty that night, but keep in mind your pay will be docked too! Enjoy the evening with everyone else! We do have some amateur photographers set up, none as good as you though, so feel free to give pointers when you see them…thanks for the great reminder about what To China and Back was like…must come to Brasil and Back to see where we go in 2012! Top secret! I guarantee you will want to be there!

  12. As a current RYE outbound from Northfield currently living in the Czech Republic, I strongly encourage the Northfield community to support this event. I cannot express to you how many lives this program touches. It truly does bridge international waters in an unparalleled personal way. I know I speak for all of the international exchange students abroad that we are incredibly grateful for all of the support and opportunities Rotary provides for us.

    1. Rachael, thanks much for chiming in here. You beat your mom with a comment by 7 minutes. 😉

      You won’t be rooting for the Czech Republic hockey team to beat the USA at the Olympics, will you?

    2. as a matter of fact, i’m getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to watch the Czech Republic vs Slovakia hockey game…things will probably get pretty heated her at 6 am 😀

      And yes, my new name is Rachael Stetsova, as all women here add “ova” onto their surnames.

      But obviously Daniel (my Brazilian friend here) and I will clearly be rooting for the Brazilian hockey team…I’m sure they’ll be in there somewhere…Jamaica we have a bobsled team?

  13. It is ironic that this thread was brought to my attention right after I finished skyping with my daughter Rachael who is currently in the Czech Republic. I hung up with this overwhelming feeling of grattitude to Rotary for the opportunities they have given Rachael, and countless other youth all over the World. The growth and insight I see in her, after only 5 months is a profound testament to the program. The evening on Saturday for “Brasil and Back” is the ultimate “win-win”, you get to have a great evening with friends and community members, while sharing in the opportunity to change a life of a young student. Who knows, changing that life…just might change the world.

  14. We should all be very proud of the Youth Exchange Program sponsored by the Northfield Rotary Club. This program truly is making the world a more peaceful and better place to live with each child we send abroad and host here in Northfield. Please show your support by attending the fabulous “To Brasil & Back” event on Saturday night at the Middle School!

  15. I am a future RYE outbound, and am fortunate enough to be traveling to Brazil for the 2010-2011 Youth Exchange year. I cannot even begin to describe my excitement, fear, happiness, and everything in between as I begin preparing for my exchange. The “Brasil and Back” festivities this coming Saturday will be my first taste of Brazilian culture, and on behalf of the future RYE students I encourage the Northfield community to come and enjoy a fabulous Carnaval celebration!
    I am so grateful for the opportunity Rotary has provided me with, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all next year!

  16. I am having a little trouble starting up a similar “Brazilian Carnaval” celebration here in my village in Japan…guess the sequins, flashing lights, samba dancing, and twirling feather boas don’t exactly scream Japanese, do they? Lucky for all you Northfielders, however, the party’s coming to you.

    I encourage everyone to make time for the Carnaval not merely for the sake of the Rotary Youth Exchange, but also because the show, food, dancing, company, and true Brazilian “dance the night away” flare are sure to make for an opportunity that does not find its way to Northfield very often, and is certainly not visiting me in Japan any time soon. So grab your tickets (soon, I might advise!), your favorite oversized headdress and make your way down to the Northfield Middle School Auditorium this Saturday evening. And please, be sure to enjoy some braised meat for me!

    I would be jealous of you, but seeing as a year spent on Rotary exchange is like experiencing an international event daily, you shouldn’t feel too bad for me. To get an idea of all of my adventures, travels, cultural insights, learning experiences, and interesting discoveries from spending a year in Japan, be sure to visit my blog at http://estenson.blogspot.com

    Thanks again Rotary. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you.

    Sam Estenson

    PS Dad, proud of you and the crew, I hope everything goes over well. I’m sure it will!

  17. I am a current outbound youth exchanger in of all places, BRASIL!!!!!

    I in fact just arrived home to Belo Horizonte from CARNAVAL, the most fun four days of parades and parties I have ever gone to in my life. I was celebrating in the town called São João del Rei about 4 hours southeast of Belo Horizonte. Throughout the five days I was in São João I went to blocos, or parades, all themed with thousands of other people dancing samba behind the huge trucks blasting music and the bateria, the drum band. The last bloco I went to was themed Vamos a la Playa where the firetrucks of the town blasted water over the crowds and the houses right on the street sprayed water from hoses out of their windows. Everyone was dressed in bikinis and just dancing in the water on the hottest day of Carnaval. One of the funniest blocos I saw was when the men dressed as women and the women dressed as men. It was absolutely hilarious to see all the men dressed in short little dresses, fake boobs, and make up. Everyone was so into the theme it was unbelievable. After all the celebrating with my family and friends all i can say is … I can´t wait for the next time!

    I am so greatful to Rotary for helping me come to Brasil, experience a different culture, learn another language fluently, and learn so much about myself. This fundraiser will help so many more Northfield youth have one of the most memorable years of their lives.
    Obrigada pra tudo!!!!!!

    1. Hattie, thanks for that eyewitness account of Carnaval in Brasil. Maybe we could learn to emulate some of those celebrations. Yes, it might be a challenge to get Northfield men into a parade downtown in February, “dressed in short little dresses, fake boobs, and make up” but if it’s for a good cause, I’m sure the Rotary would get behind it.

  18. We are difinately in the count down phase of the planning….feeling very prepared and ready, we would feel even better if we were sold out, but we are close…tickets will be for sale second floor of Buntock Commons tomorrow starting at 9.30am, Present Perfect, First National BAnk and the Community Ed office of the NCRC. Be Cool and get your ticket tomorrow!

  19. I hear another 70 tickets flew out the door between noon and 2 today and not sure how many others were purchased that i am not aware of. Our exchange student from Brazil did her presentation this week at our weekly meeting and was absolutely fabulous! She left many with tears in their eyes to observe firsthand the maturity and heartfelt love these young people demonstrate to us in just a year’s time. She will most certainly make lifelong connections between families in Northfield and her as well as her beautiful country of Brazil!

  20. We do have some tickets left as I write this on Saturday morning. Present Perfect has them. Any left over will be brought to the Middle School ready to be sold at 5:30pm. See you there!

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