Sub-committees of volunteers needed to Save the Depot. By Lynn Vincent

Northfield Train Depot[show_avatar]For the past few weeks the SNDC (Save the Northfield Depot Committee) has been focused on the dull dry drudgery of putting together bylaws, applying for 501 (c) 3 status for the group, and writing case statements, business plans and fund development plans.  Like I said, dull dry drudgery.   We’ve spoken to the City Administrator, members of the City Council and other interested parties about our community meeting findings, and cheered when we heard that one of our top site locations – the Q Block – would not be host to the new Police Station.  We are still assessing some of the parks as potential locations and will be talking with the Park Board soon.

But now for the exciting news!  We are ready to get the ball rolling by forming sub-committees of volunteers to begin working on the tasks we have identified.

  • We need someone to build and update a Save the Depot website, someone who is skilled in marketing and public relations, and someone who would like to be interviewed on the radio.
  • We need people who have artistic talents, publishing skills and writing skill to help with fund raising materials, people who would like to write grants for us, and someone who would design and carry out an e-mail campaign.
  • We need a volunteer who has experience in project management to help link all the tasks together and monitor that things get done in a timely fashion, and someone who can track donor gifts and be sure they are thanked.
  • We are looking for people who like to plan events to kick off the giving campaign, fund raising events, and to celebrate success.
  • We need people who will ask businesses and community residents to support Saving the Depot.
  • When the time comes we will need people who can pound nails, saw, measure, and help with the construction of the interior of the depot, the portico and the new baggage house.
  • We’d REALLY like someone who would volunteer to actually move the depot when the time comes!
  • And most of all, we need someone who knows everybody in the town to be our volunteer coordinator.

So if you have fund raising skills, communication skills, technology know-how, or are not sure where you might fit but want to help anyway, DO WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU!  If this is to be a successful effort we need the whole town behind us working behind the scenes or out front in the spotlight.

You can call me, Lynn Vincent at 664-9554, or e-mail, or get in touch with any of the steering committee members: Pat Allen, Chip DeMann, Steve Edwin, Alice Thomas, Baird Jarman, Rob Martin, Clark Webster or me, Lynn ; – )

And thanks for stepping up to help, because I know you will!

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