5 thoughts on “Night and day”

  1. it takes a bit on my computer at least, for the white backround to show up. but i guess thats no much of a prob. i just start scrolling down, and then it appears and makes it so i have to start at the top again because i loose my place

  2. I guess for me it’s a bit too much night and day. But then you can’t please everyone, so dont worry about me. I’m just a bloggers daughter.

  3. I have eyestrain after years as a typesetter at Northfield News (white letters on green background). If the black background had remained on this blog, I’d have had to drop out. The black edging still bothers me a lot, though. Would appreciate it if you take it off.

    As an artist and art teacher, I have done a lot of display work. Most art shows off best on white or off-white. When I was artist-in-residence at St. Olaf in 1980, the art building hall gallery had panels wrapped in black burlap. Just like a dungeon. I rarely noticed what was on display there.

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