Five beautiful women in need of homes. By Sandy Vesledahl

[show_avatar] Prairie’s Edge Humane Society has five very special house cats available for adoption. Ester, Ashley, Angel, Mystic and Trigger are five beautiful house cats that need a home. They are indoor-only adult cats, all spayed, current on vaccinations, and all front declawed. So they won´t be ripping apart your plantation shutters.

These five cats all qualify for our “Fat Cat” Special. (They are not all fat by the way!) House cats such as these particularly dislike the shelter environment, no matter how much love we give them and try to make it as much like home as possible. They need to be in a home environment, with their “own human”, where they can flaunt their gorgeous personalities and provide unconditional love.

The beautiful white cat in this picture is Ester. Ester is a very plump and very friendly cat who loves to be brushed. Won’t you consider giving Ester or these other four beautiful women a loving home? These wonderful cats are all available for the low price of $50! This is a real bargain and the rewards you will receive in return are priceless! To meet these beautiful cats go to our PEHS website and click on “View our adoptable animals.”

3 thoughts on “Five beautiful women in need of homes. By Sandy Vesledahl”

  1. I’m so excited to share that four of these wonderful “Fat Cat’s” were adopted over the past couple of days. Ester, the beautiful white cat in the attached picture however, is still in need of a home. Please consider adopting her for the low price of $50, the return on your investment will be priceless!

  2. Umm…wow Griff, don’t think we can help you with adopting a shark, we only deal in furry creatures. But we do currently have two rats and a bunny if you are looking for something other than one of our fabulous cats or wonderful dogs that we have. I’m also very happy to report that Ester, the beautiful white cat in the picture, was adopted and now has her forever home! We still have many other adult cats who are in need of homes so please check out our website at for all of our adoptable animals and remember…the best way to stop pet over population is to spay and neuter your pets!

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