Save the Northfield Depot meeting, by Lynn Vincent

[show_avatar]YOU ARE INVITED! All you history buffs and train lovers put Monday, June 7, 7pm, Northfield Community Resource Center on your calendars and come help us Save the Northfield Depot.  Can you make a website attractive and interesting?  Can you do graphic art for fklyers and pamphlets?  Are you willing to pound a few nails when the time comes?   Monday night’s meeting is all about recruiting volunteers, organizing them into subcommittees, and getting on with Saving the Depot.  The Depot needs all of us if it is to survive and continue to represent the history of Northfield here in the present and future.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to lend your skills to this most worthwhile project you can contactYou can call me, Lynn Vincent at 664-9554, or e-mail See you all Monday!

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