Save the Northfield Depot: fundraising help needed. By Lynn Vincent

[show_avatar]A BIG Thanks to all of you who came to last Monday’s Volunteer Organization Meeting, and to those who contacted us saying you wanted to help but could not make the meeting.

We have pretty full support for Communications and Design and Build sub-committees, and we got a web graphic designer to help with the site.  Alice Thomas is facilitating the Communications group, and Steve Edwins is facilitating the Design and Build group.

What we are missing and really need are Fund Raising people.  We have two grant writiers, but we need folks who are committed to the depot and are willing to go “mano a mano” asking for donations.  Obviously, this group is key to the success of Saving the Depot.  If you are willing to ask, or are willing to learn how to ask, please get in touch with me at, or Rob Martin at his office at Martin Insurance.  We will be head over heels to hear from you and will treat you like royalty!   ; – )

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