Should Crazy Daze be two days?

Division St, 6:30 am, 7/22/2010 Division St, 6:30 am, 7/22/2010 7-22-2010 6-29-13 AM radar
The scene on Division St at 6:30 this morning was rather bleak.  The radar doesn’t offer  much encouragement, nor does Paul Douglas’ forecast.

Should the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Crazy Daze (PDF of today’s schedule of events) be two-days long in case of inclement weather, like the 2010 Taste of Northfield?

3 comments to Should Crazy Daze be two days?

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    You mean have Crazy,Crazy Daze? Always have a plan B and maybe even C. C?

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    Rob Hardy says:

    No. I LOVE downtown Northfield, but I prefer its charming everyday self, not the hyped-up crazy version. I grinchily observed Crazy Daze this year by riding my bike out to Target.

    Also: while I’m being a Grinch, I hate the current layout of LoGroNo. I feel like I’m writing this in a dark alley. I hope you change it.

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    Kathie Galotti says:

    What Rob said--about Crazy Days. I kinda like the new layout of LoGroNo, though, myself.

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