CRWP and St. Olaf to screen film ‘Troubled Waters’


The Cannon River Watershed Partnership and St. Olaf College will be hosting a screening of the much publicized film Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story produced by the University of Minnesota Bell Museum of Natural History.

This film traces the development of America’s bountiful heartland and its effect on the legendary river. Through beautiful photography and inspiring narrative, the film offers solutions to the river’s troubles through fresh ideas and concrete solutions.

As the Cannon River is a contributor to the Mississippi River, its problems are our problems.  Join us for this screening and thoughtful discussion after the film.  The event is free and open to the public.

February 10, 2011, 7 PM  – 9 PM; St. Olaf College, Regents Hall – Room 310.

2 thoughts on “CRWP and St. Olaf to screen film ‘Troubled Waters’”

  1. Keep in mind that whenever people resolve to solve these pollution problems, there is benefit to be gained and that often means monetary benefit. As an old Great Lakes water quality pro, I can swear to it.

    Also, please be aware that citizen input ends in March, 2011 for another Mississippi River topic,
    The US Army Corps of Engineers needs our help.

  2. Aquatic nuisance species (ANS) control to prevent transfer between Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins is important to, I dare say, all of us. Thanks for the link to the info, Bright. Comment period ends March 31.

    We had a little confusion as to whether the fish being hauled out from the riverwalk after the flood were native or not. We learned that “buffalo” carp were native and should have been thrown back, as I recall.

    Getting back to the film, there were those trying to prevent its release, suggesting there was a sustainable ag slant to it. But now that people have seen it, it is thought to be a great film.

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