It’s Cat-A-Palooza at PEHS

294June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and we’re holding Cat-A-Palooza to help you find your new feline friend!  If you’ve ever thought about adopting a cat, now is the time and we’ve got some great deals during the month of June to help you find your new Furry Feline Friend!  The PEHS shelter is loaded with wonderful cats and kittens who need homes.  Now’s the time to adopt your new best friend! 

On Saturday, June 18th, from noon-5:00 PM, pick out your new feline friend, then spin the wheel for an adoption fee discount or free merchandise.  Every spinner’s a winner! Once you have picked out your new kitty and have been approved for adoption, you could win a 10%-40% discount on the adoption fee or free merchandise such as cat food, toys or even a microchip for your new pet!  For an added bonus, every visitor to the PEHS shelter on June 18th will receive a FREE DOG!  (hot dog that is, but we do have several dogs available for adoption as well)

183Every Friday during the month of June we’re holding "Furry Friday’s Forty Dollar Felines!".  All cats over the age of 6 months are only $40 on Friday’s.  Adopt a cat for $40 on a Friday and you will receive a microchip for your new feline friend for only $20!  (regular adoption fee $75, regular microchip fee $25)

Multi-Cat Discounts!  Adopt two adult cats on ANY DAY during the month of June who are compatible with each other and you will receive a discount!  For a $100 adoption fee you will receive both cats.  (regular adoption fee $75 each cat)

With the large number of kittens continually coming into the shelter during this time of year, we are in need of people who can foster kittens in their home.  Foster’s are typically needed anywhere from one to five weeks or until the kittens are big enough to return to the shelter to receive their spay/neuter surgeries and be made available for adoption.  The PEHS shelter will provide food, litter and any medical treatment.  The foster home provides love.  Some foster homes will care for a mother cat with nursing kittens and some will care for just kittens.  Some of these kittens are orphans who are very tiny and may need to be bottle fed.  Our staff will instruct you on how to do so. 

If you are interested in fostering kittens for the PEHS shelter you can download the foster application from our website or contact the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117 or email  You will then be scheduled to attend a one hour foster training program.  Please consider becoming a foster home, the rewards are many!

Unable to adopt a cat or foster kittens?  You can still help the homeless kittens at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society by donating to a fund specifically designated to care for the Orphaned Kittens who come to the PEHS shelter.  Caring for these tiny babies can be costly.  You can help by making an online donation to the "Orphan Kitten Fund". 

Please consider adopting a cat during the month of June.  The number of homeless cats at the PEHS shelter continues to increase daily.  This is "Kitten Season".  Kitten Season exists because people do not spay or neuter their pets. Please be a responsible pet owner and have your pet spayed or neutered.  While your pet is producing those "cute" kittens that you know you "can give away to your neighbors and friends", there are over 80 cats at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society who are desperately in need of homes.   

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  1. I would like to echo Sandy Vesledahl’s comments regarding outdoor cats. With the exception of barn cats, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society does discourage outdoor cats, whether they are neighborhood cats, pets left outside to have “fun”, pets let out and lost or abandoned, the list goes on. The only humane solution to reducting the population is spay and neuter. Yes, it takes time and is not the immediate solution, which is to trap and euthanize them. Of course they are a danger to birds and also are not healthy and a community problem, which is why our focus is on spay and neuter. We have put as many of our resources towards this as possible. Any financial help is greatly appreciated, as well as spreading the word that spay and neuter is the humane solution to these pet overpopulation problems. Kathy Jasnoch, President, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society

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