Moda and Burberry, two dogs who stole our hearts

Every now and then there are animals who come to the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society shelter and steal our hearts with their stories and their ability to love humans despite what has been done to them.  We would like to share the stories of two such dogs that are currently at the shelter that have become very special to us while they await their forever homes.

Meet Moda

Moda is a loving Pit Bull Terrier mix dog. We estimate Moda to be about two years old. She is an amazing dog that all of us at the shelter have fallen in love with. She adores people and her favorite thing in the world is to give hugs!

Moda’s previous living conditions were not so good, she lived with male dogs who we assume bit and chewed her up a lot.  She shows scars on various parts of her body, ears, legs, paws, head, shoulders and face.  Moda had very obviously given birth to numerous litters of puppies in her short life as her skin was abnormally stretched from nursing puppies when she first came to us.

When Moda came to us she had entropion, which is the curling in of the eyelids.  This was causing her much pain and affecting her ability to see clearly, which made her very scared of things when she first came to the shelter.  Our veterinarian, Dr. Charlie Gumbusky, did surgery on her eyes to correct the problem and she is healing very nicely, she feels SO much better, has come out of her shell and is a much happier dog. 

Moda, the wonder dog, as we call her, is not entirely confident with other dogs, for obvious reasons, and her new owners will need to expect to put in some work helping Moda get comfortable around other dogs but the work will be worth it and Moda could be a great ambassador for her breed!  Moda has been with us since May 3rd and we would really like to find her a home.  We know there is someone special out their for Moda and her new owners will need to meet with our dog trainer prior to the adoption being approved.  Her favorite game is fetch and she would rather get a hug from you than a treat while you play with her. 

Moda is a big, strong girl at 57 pounds. Moda has been spayed, is microchipped, is current on vaccinations, has tested negative for heartworm, and is ready to find her forever home and show how much love she has to give in return! Moda’s adoption fee is $95.00!

Meet Burberry

Burberry is a friendly English Coonhound dog. We estimate Burberry to be about four years old. Burberry is a nice girl who was always kept outdoors without a lot of human contact or other animal interaction. She was used for a hunting dog in the past and was turned in to us because her previous owner no longer hunted so no longer needed her. 

Burberry did not know what a vinyl floor or a concrete floor was and was scared to walk on it, as she had never experienced it prior to coming to the PEHS shelter.  She was very scared when she first came to us and also had an untreated injury to her tail. Surprisingly, despite the neglect she experienced, she seems to have lots of love to give.  After having her tail injury treated and working with our staff, she now understands that vinyl flooring and a cement floor will not hurt her.  She is always very happy to see you and loves playing and cuddling with any human that wants to hang out with her and has become a very well rounded dog.

Burberry’s new owners should expect to start with some of the very basic training with her including housetraining, walking on leash, and manners. We strongly recommend that her new owners plan to take her to good manners training classes to help ease her transition from being an outside dog to being a loved, included member of the family. Burberry has been with us since April 28th and it is time for her to find a loving home. Burberry’s adoptors will need to meet with our dog trainer prior to the adoption being approved.

Burberry is a large dog at just over 62 pounds, she has been spayed, is microchipped, is current on vaccinations, and is ready to find her forever home! Burberry’s adoption fee is $95.00!

Moda and Burberry have been working together with our trainers, have been playing together and have actually helped each other  work through some issues while they wait for new homes.  These are two great dogs who came from not so good situations, and will need a home that is dedicated to continuing their training and socializing, and in return will give their new owners lots of unconditional love.  If you or someone you know is interested in giving Moda or Burberry the loving home they deserve, please contact the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117 for more information.

Spend some time with either of these dogs… you are guaranteed to have your heart stolen too!

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  1. Moda went to her new forever home today! We are so happy to report that Moda has been adopted. Now we need a home for Burberry!

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