Pedicab for hire, right here in River City

DSC07479 DSC07476 DSC07477 DSC07478
The bike rack/parking area on Grastvedt Lane adjacent to Domino’s Pizza, always crowded, has a new addition: Griffin Gears Pedicab.  The signs on the trike say "For hire – Tips Only" but there’s no contact info.

Anyone know anything about it?

Pedicabs (AKA cycle rickshaws) are evidently common in big cities.

3 thoughts on “Pedicab for hire, right here in River City”

  1. I would guess that the pedicab belongs to a Carleton student named Griffin who lives in the Central Block Building (aka Rare Pair apartments).

  2. I know not of the Pedicab owner, but that two story messenger bike, looks suspiciously like a Stew Moyer bike.

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