Monkey See Monkey Read: More than just a bookstore

We’ve been selling games for five years. But lately we’ve added even more non-book items to our bookstore. New games, magnetic poetry, toys, and t-shirts are arriving daily.

Magnetic Poetry arrived last week. We have some of the Essential Word Magnets, Kids, Voices, and Little Words magnets.

Our latest shipment of toys and puzzles just arrived from Melissa and Doug.These are high quality toys, puzzles, and art supplies. They built to last and reasonably priced.

Geotoys is a new product line we discovered about a week ago. We started with Geocards and Geopuzzles.


We’ve been selling literary t-shirts Their next shirt should be available by November. It’s my favorite one yet.

This is only the beginning. We’ll be adding new items all the time.

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