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Monkey See Monkey Read Facebook pageApparently it’s good to be liked. I’m new to this whole Facebook thing. But to those in the know, liking is the thing to do. So make you your way over to our Facebook page and like the monkey. All kinds of good things will happen. You’ll be the first to find out about all the great sales we have, unless we post them elsewhere before Facebook. You’ll be the first to find out about readings and other happenings at the store. That is if we don’t post it elsewhere first. Or the rumor mill catches wind of something and leaks it to the press. I guess my point is we will update a lot of new and cool things on our Facebook page. Assuming I can remember the password. It’s not my dog’s name.

This made me laugh. Not lol, more of a chuckle than a lol.

25 Things I learned From Opening a Bookstore

25.  No matter how many books you’ve read in the past, you will feel woefully un-well read within a week of opening the store.  You will also feel wise at having found such a good way to spend your days.

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