Locally Grown and IE6

Griff notified me a few days ago that those folks still using Internet Explorer 6 — the 2001 web browser that haunts web developers to this day — were not seeing our site properly: the sidebar was below the main content.

It has been fixed, but it’s worth reminding all you Windows XP/IE6 folks out there: upgrade. Internet Explorer 6 is notoriously insecure, lacks modern features like tabs, and — above all — shoves sidebars at the bottoms of pages.

On behalf of all web geeks, I beg you. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or, better yet, switch to Firefox.

Anyway, on to business. Are there any other quirks we should know about? Any suggestions you guys have for the site? Let us know in the comments.

25 thoughts on “Locally Grown and IE6”

  1. Sean: Ever since Griff moderated me for “sarcasm” (actually it was irony, but he has a hard time with it), my e-mail notifications have gone away , and no matter how many times I click on the notify me box, they don’t activate. One stray one came through last week! but no more. I know both Griff and Tracy have mentioned this to you, but it seems to be a real monster to fix; any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. I’d like to be able to click on a comment and have the link take you to the comment instead of scrolling through all of the previous comments. I’m not sure why this went away, but I found it helpful.

  3. Kiffi,
    I think it has to do with the fact that our system has your e-mail address on our list of moderated comments. We’re looking into it.

    This wasn’t an intentional removal, but a negative consequence of our new comment loading system (so that the page loads before the comments). I’m not sure if it’s possible to get around this without reverting to the old, slow-loading pages, but I’ll see if there’s a way.

    Should we also demand that bookstores keep all their books available in Old English? MSIE 6 is simply an out-of-date browser. It doesn’t properly render XHTML and it doesn’t even follow all the W3C recommendations for the older HTML. Above all, though, there’s a new version! It’s not even like they have to switch to a different browser. Go out and proclaim the good news.

  4. I said ‘we’

    –we make things that people can’t use and then tell them they are the ones who need to change.

    and so, I was agreeing with you. Although I do try to be multibrowser friendly.

    And “no” to only Old English.

    Really fun is when clients go in and change colors and borders, etc. Wow… doesn’t matter if it is IE6 or not.

  5. Oh, Holly, I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying that we — web designers — should not create web pages that don’t support IE6 because we have no right to tell people to change browsers. But you meant that Microsoft, et al should not create browsers that force designers to deviate from the rules?

  6. Keep at it, I am amazed at what (I think) you do on this site. Some kind of genius.

    It’s hard to fix what we can’t see.

    On the IE vs. Firefox issue, I assume most use IE but I check my sites in Firefox. Although I respect your geekness and wish I could hang with the geeks. I don’t really get into what Microsoft should do… I imagine that I benefit from people who fight against monopoly, though.

  7. Sean,

    IE6 on the work laptop. Homepage tabling is off. RIght side content loads high, and the left content has a huge amount of whitespace, then the content.

    Secondary pages seem to be working fine.

    I will try to get you some screenshots.


  8. Sean: some e-mail notifications are coming through now,but my sidebar is also overlapping the main text; i.e. the sidebar has moved to the left.
    Same problem as Dave L. …

  9. On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 13:08:49 -0600 (CST)
    Locally Grown wrote:

    > Theres no need for them to wait till the storm is over.

    Like it should be “There’s” instead of “Theres” unless GW doesn’t use apostrophes these days.

  10. Here is another from JT’s Post No. 4
    Great Clips debuts a new type of sandwich board (4)

    B&L ???

    Hogan’s and B&L already shut them off when they are closed. Can you be a good neighbor and do the same? Do you really need to advertise the beer, both when you are closed, and it is not legal to sell anyway?

  11. (John dons his geeky propeller beanie for a second)

    Sean and the gang…

    I just downloaded Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 developer build (which was released late last night), and I am happy to say, that Locally Grown loaded significantly quicker than in any other browser I have.

    No issues that I could see.

    Here is the link: http://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/

    It is still very much a beta 2, but this is SO much faster than IE7.

    IE 6 issues are still intermittent with the work laptop, with the AJAX comment loads on the right nav and bottom. A F5 usually resolves those though.

    Have fun.


    (John removes his geeky propeller beanie.)

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