Featured books at Monkey See Monkey Read bookstore: Henry You’re Hungry Again; Visiting the Visitors

Henry You’re Hungry Again

Fans of Henry You’re Late Again will love Mary Bleckwehl’s latest book. Henry You’re Hungry Again is another wonderful story with great illustrations by Brian Barber.

Do you get crazy hungry like Henry? And what do YOU eat when you get really hungry? Healthy stuff like nuts? Or the best vegetable in the world–BROCCOLI? Not Henry! He prefers candy and fries, thank you! And a lot of it.

And what’s wrong with that? Nothing, if you don’t mind feeling shaky in gym class and having your teeth rot out. But what if your family and your teachers get the same idea to be sweet-aholics? Will everyone tumble into a junk food pit and never return? Or will someone come to the rescue?

Food is important, laughter is too! Get your dose today with HENRY! you’re hungry AGAIN?

Visiting the Visitors

Packy Mader will sign copies of his books during Winter Walk Thursday, December 6, 2012.

Some of the most wondrous gifts cost nothing. This is a story of such gifts.

On a silent and magical Christmas Eve night, three children and their grandparents bear gifts down the starlit path to a stable. They take this peaceful, wintry journey to thank the visitors of centuries ago for their historic and holy visit. The children deliver simple gifts and sincere gratitude to the visitors in tribute for that long-ago night honoring a newborn babe.

Illustrator Andrew Holmquist’s striking combination of glowing yellow interior scenes and deep blue exterior scenes captures the iconic images in a perfect light. The characters in the stable fill the page with such presence and quiet majesty that readers might catch themselves holding a breath.

Author Patrick “Packy” Mader continues his theme of heartwarming intergenerational stories from rural traditions with Visiting the Visitors, which joins a small stable of books celebrating growth of self and relationships: Opa & Oma Together, Oma Finds a Miracle, and Big Brother Has Wheels.

This is Packy’s best work yet. Andrew Holmquist’s stunning illustrations compliment this beautiful story.

The books are available at Monkey See Monkey Read in downtown Northfield.

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