Environmental Congress Citizen Forums Need You

A few weeks ago most of us went to the polls and elected someone else to represent us in the state and federal government as members of the Minnesota Legislature, the US Senate and House of Representatives.  We hope that they will convey what matters to us to these governing bodies.  Sometimes we have opportunities to speak to these elected officials and the agency staff who carry out the work of government and voice our opinions.  Over the next few weeks the Environmental Congress of the State of Minnesota is giving us a chance to do just that.  So just what is this Environmental Congress?  As it turns out, Minnesota law instructs the state Environmental Quality Board (EQB) to hold and Environmental Congress to:

  • Assess Minnesota’s progress toward improving and sustaining clean air, clean water, and clean energy in our communities
  • Engage Minnesotans in constructive public dialogue about our state’s environmental and economic health
  • Identify environmental challenges and opportunities to improve and sustain the health of Minnesota’s natural resources and quality of life
  • Define a vision, and recommend specific policy changes to learn from our past, build on our strengths, and leave a legacy for future generations of Minnesotans

The EQB will be presenting an environmental and energy “Report Card” at Citizen Forums around the state over the next few weeks to talk about the report card which measures Minnesota’s performance in clean air, clean water, and clean energy.  These Citizen Forums are our chance to engage in conversations and give feedback on the report card findings and share our thoughts on these important environmental issues.  The EQB will use this feedback as they host the Environmental Congress in March 2013.  For information about dates, locations and more information on the Environmental Congress go to http://mn.gov/EnvironmentalCongress/forum.html.

Some Cannon River Watershed Partnership staff and members are planning to attend the sessions on November 27 in Rochester and Bloomington.  Want to join us?  Call me at (507)786-3913 or send me an email at beth@crwp.net.  Make your voice heard! 

Locations and Times:

Wood Lake Meeting Center – Oak Room, 210 Wood Lake Drive, Rochester – 9:30 AM – Noon

Normandale Community College – Kopp Student Union, 9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington – 6:30PM – 9:00 PM

Refreshments will be served. Free Parking at both locations.

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