The technology of yesterday, today

Macintosh Portable After we relaunched last summer, there was a simple little feature: whenever you clicked a name under “Active Discussions,” it would bring you to that person’s comment

As comment threads grew longer, though, pages began loading very slowly. To fix this, I split the page loading so the sidebar and comments loaded after the rest of the page. This was helpful for quickly browsing around, but it prevented the aforementioned feature from working. I thought this would slide through undetected, but at least one crafty reader noticed and complained.

I won’t bore you (further) with the details, but the click-to-comment feature is back. The pages will load the slow way when you click from the sidebar, but for general browsing, it’ll still be speedy as it has been since August.

As usual, I will use this post to solicit any tech gripes in the comments. Have at it!

P.S.: If anyone happens to view Locally Grown on their cell phone, you will notice that there is now a special version of the site for mobile browsers. iPhone/Touch folks will still see the regular site.

2 thoughts on “The technology of yesterday, today”

  1. Sean,

    Thanks for the effort… and hey! Nice “luggable” you have there!

    Macintosh Portable
    Introduced: September 1989 – Discontinued: October 1991
    Price: US$6,500
    CPU: Motorola 68000, 16 MHz
    RAM: 1 MiB, expandable to 9 MiB, 8 MiB backlit version, SRAM
    OS: System Software 6.0.4

    That thing is nearly OLDER than the text based Internet…

    Again, thanks for the effort. It is nice having the direct links back.

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