CRWP to offer rain barrel workshops

blue barrel-1RainBarrelWinnersSteeleFair_Aug2011-1Help clean up the Cannon River and collect free soft water for your flower gardens.  Join the Cannon River Watershed Partnership in learning about runoff and the benefits of rain barrels for water conservation and gardening.  Go home with a fully assembled 55-gallon plastic rain barrel and the knowledge that YOU are doing something for clean water.  

Northfield workshops will be held:

April 20th at 1:00 PM at First UCC Church, 300 Union Street as part of the Earth Day Celebration.  Register by emailing or call (507) 786-3913. Cost is $40.

April 30th at 7 PM at  the Northfield Community Resource Center, Room 225. Register through Northfield Community Services, #3275-W13A,  Cost is $45.

Space is limited so register soon!   For costs, dates and locations of workshops in other cities go to Cannon River Watershed Partnership or call (507) 786-8400.