Three game tables soon to be installed on Bridge Square


EQC member George Kinney stopped by my corner office at GBM this morning and asked me if I knew what was going on with the concrete truck on Bridge Square. I went to investigate and learned from Streets & Parks Supervisor TJ Heinricy and Councilor Dave DeLong that the three concrete pads will soon have game tables on them.

After a visit to NYC a year ago, I suggested here on LoGro that the City should put some game tables in downtown Northfield, and that the money should come from the Streetscape Taskforce.  I have no idea if A) anyone paid attention to my suggestion; B) where the money for the tables came from; and C) how much the project costs.

But I’m guessing someone will enlighten us.

Update 9/14:

The three picnic  tables were installed yesterday. Each has an inlaid backgammon and chess/checkerboard.


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    kiffi summa says:

    For as long as I have lived in Northfield (19 years) ‘people’ have been asking for game tables on the Riverwalk or on Bridge Square.
    Some of these requests have been more formal; others just coffee shop discussion…

    And as glad as I am that there will now be some game tables, the timing seems bizarre for this reason: some weeks ago the Council authorized a design concept to be developed by John Slack( I forget the name of his current company) for a redesign of Bridge Square.

    So now, whatever design concept John comes up with, and he’s already done lots of great design work for Northfield, there is a built-in constraint of the new concrete pads and game tables.

    Seems to be a bit out of sequence to me… After waiting all these years, why now? … when a new design concept is in the offing?

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      Griff Wigley says:

      Kiffi, while John Slack and company (Stantec) are going to be leading the discussion on a possible redesigns for Bridge Square (starting this fall), there’s no guarantee that anything significant will be changed.

      And even if there is a redesign that ultimately proves to be incompatible with the location of the game tables, the only thing lost will be those small concrete slabs. I’m sure the tables would find a home, if not on Bridge Square then maybe on Riverwalk or some other park.

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    Joe Stapf says:

    Ah-h-h-h, yes, The Gaming Tables…

    Question #1) Who authorized them!!!???

    I did. The picnic tables (if you recall, a trial) were deemed by me to have been a success. We received absolutely 100%, pure, unadulterated positive feedback about them. So perhaps John Lydgate and later Honest Abe Lincoln were wrong, although I freely admit under interrogation (water boarding is unnecessary…) that I did not hear from All of the People, but among those I did hear from was Ross, and he always tells me he is worth (at least) a thousand words.

    I simply told TJ to get it done, and true to form, he is. On the other hand, I suppose we could have talked about it until the Cows come home to Contentment, or perhaps even go to College…but then everyone would have had to sit on their hands instead of the picnic/gaming tables.

    Question #2) Is the timing bizarre!!!???

    That depends on what the definition of “ïs” is…or “bizarre,” for that matter. It is true the Master Planning Study for Bridge Square is getting started (stay tuned). I submit that study won’t be completed in a fortnight. Furthermore, I doubt it will be completed in a fortnight of fortnights. And once it IS (I am still looking for that definition, by the way…), the questions still remain about Just How!!!??? When!!!??? And Where!!!??? implementation of the new plan will be funded. I fear that by the time THOSE decisions are made the tables and concrete pads will have rotted away and turned to dust, respectively. Hence my direction to TJ to get it done.

    Even if they have NOT rotted away and turned to dust, respectively, the tables should be salvageable and relocatable (my apologies to Mrs. Gentilini, my eighth grade English teacher) , and the concrete slabs—if you have ever watched a properly motivated skid loader operator in action—will be gone in a fraction of a fortnight (less than an instant), and off to the recycling pile.

    Question *3) How much did it cost!!!???

    The job is not finished, yet, so I cannot say. However, a truism is (dam that word)… Too Dam much. (“Dam”…as in “by the…” Get it?) I will report back once all the costs are in. Rest assured, however, it is within my procurement authority as Public Works Director.

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      kiffi summa says:

      Joe or Mr. Stapf… Thanks for the explanation; I think its/they’re great, and long overdue… I just didn’t want anything to put off the Bridge Square redesign implementation … and often it’s ‘well, we just did/spent xxx and now you want to change it?’

      Having observed failing processes, unrealized designs and discussions, it’s hard to not at least try to find the most open path to possible acceptance.

      Onward! John Slack! Looking forward to your ideas…

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      Griff Wigley says:

      Joe, thanks for that explanation. And if your eighth grade English teacher, Mrs. Gentilini, is still around, I think she might approve of your communications style.

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    Griff Wigley says:

    The three picnic tables were installed last week. Each has an inlaid backgammon and chess/checkerboard. I’ve added photos to the blog post above.

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    Ross Currier says:

    I just walked through Bridge Square and ALL THREE of the tables were occupied.

    It didn’t look like they were playing chess, though, more like eating lunch…

    …and what a day for it, in beautiful downtown Northfield, MN.

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