Three game tables soon to be installed on Bridge Square


EQC member George Kinney stopped by my corner office at GBM this morning and asked me if I knew what was going on with the concrete truck on Bridge Square. I went to investigate and learned from Streets & Parks Supervisor TJ Heinricy and Councilor Dave DeLong that the three concrete pads will soon have game tables on them.

After a visit to NYC a year ago, I suggested here on LoGro that the City should put some game tables in downtown Northfield, and that the money should come from the Streetscape Taskforce.  I have no idea if A) anyone paid attention to my suggestion; B) where the money for the tables came from; and C) how much the project costs.

But I’m guessing someone will enlighten us.

Update 9/14:

The three picnic  tables were installed yesterday. Each has an inlaid backgammon and chess/checkerboard.


2 thoughts on “Three game tables soon to be installed on Bridge Square”

  1. For as long as I have lived in Northfield (19 years) ‘people’ have been asking for game tables on the Riverwalk or on Bridge Square.
    Some of these requests have been more formal; others just coffee shop discussion…

    And as glad as I am that there will now be some game tables, the timing seems bizarre for this reason: some weeks ago the Council authorized a design concept to be developed by John Slack( I forget the name of his current company) for a redesign of Bridge Square.

    So now, whatever design concept John comes up with, and he’s already done lots of great design work for Northfield, there is a built-in constraint of the new concrete pads and game tables.

    Seems to be a bit out of sequence to me… After waiting all these years, why now? … when a new design concept is in the offing?

    1. Kiffi, while John Slack and company (Stantec) are going to be leading the discussion on a possible redesigns for Bridge Square (starting this fall), there’s no guarantee that anything significant will be changed.

      And even if there is a redesign that ultimately proves to be incompatible with the location of the game tables, the only thing lost will be those small concrete slabs. I’m sure the tables would find a home, if not on Bridge Square then maybe on Riverwalk or some other park.

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