JuneBug Marketing Goes International

JuneBugDoesWinnipeg.jpgTaking a page from the Defeat of Jesse James Days committee’s marketing plan, I figured I’d just take my promotional efforts on the road with me. Here I am with my JuneBug t-shirt at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

When I spoke to some Canadian music lovers about JuneBug, I realized there’s a bit of work to be done. “Northfield, is that east of Crookston?” Well, yes, east of Crookston, and south of the Twin Cities. “South of the Twin Cities, you drove that far?”

The Canadians are always so nice, except maybe on a hockey rink, and the Festival is always so enjoyable, though maybe a little less so in the rain. It was well worth the drive.

Maybe not my absolute first favorite for music but without question my biggest cultural thrill was watching David Grisman perform with his Bluegrass Experience while standing next to none other than Spider John Koerner. Mr. Koerner was dressed more appropriately for the weather with his bright yellow Souwester.

He is, after all, a more experienced bluesman.

One thought on “JuneBug Marketing Goes International”

  1. Wow! I had hoped JuneBug would expand within Northfield, but I had no idea you wanted to take it so far! Thanks Ross!

    It is great to see people wearing their shirts. It keeps reminding me of how great JuneBug was and how much bigger and better it can be next year.


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