Local poets rock downtown

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In honor of national poetry month, River City Books sponsored an open-mic poetry night last night at the Contented Cow. (The Raven has more in his blog post, Poetry Gods Are Swooning.) Among the people reading their poems were my daughter, Gilly Wigley (left center) and Andrea Lovoll. Click the photos to enlarge and see the poetry album for 15 more.

8 thoughts on “Local poets rock downtown”

  1. Cool… audio poetry reading on two different blogs, River City Books and Monkey See, Monkey Read. You guys rock!

    And I see Tiny’s Dogs is having a poetry reading this week. Poetry. The new porn!

  2. To follow up my tantalizing earlier post on this topic — I know a lot of folks have been up nights waiting — River City Books and The Cow are, in fact, teaming again on another Open-Mike Poetry Night later this month.

    Hopefully, Gilly and others will again take the stage and read from their fine work.

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