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24 trees donated for Old Memorial Park; matching sponsorship available for more, by Leif Knecht

Knecht's tree planting: Jim Westlund and Todd Marnie In recent days, the Northfield area landscape has had a wintery look, but we are still planting trees and a few hardy customers still venture in to get trees for late season projects of their own.  The 2010 growing season had very favorable weather, despite the unfortunate flooding in late September.

Because the loyal and consistent  support of Northfield makes it possible for us to keep improving our nursery and landscaping operations, we enjoy the opportunity to give back to our community.  Last week, we donated to the City of Northfield, 24 different varieties of shade trees to be planted along the new walking path at Old Memorial Park, the site of Northfield’s new swimming pool.  The City of Northfield covered the cost of having the trees planted.  The photo shows Jim Westlund and Todd Marnie during the planting of one of the trees on November 11th.  While he was planting, he found a rare specimen of a young tree and blogged about it on

The Master Plan for Old Memorial Park calls for the planting of over 100 trees to beautify the park.  Anyone who wants to sponsor the $150.00 cost of planting a tree at Old Memorial Park can contact Scott Carpenter (neighborhood resident) at 645-8501 or contact me at 645-5015.

Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping will donate a nice sized Thuja tree to the park for each $150 donation to cover the cost of planting. If you want to learn more about Thuja trees, you can see the details below.  Most trees are 2?-3 ½” trunk diameter and 10?-20? tall.  An effort will be made to have each tree be a variety different from those previously planted.



Everything to know about Thuja trees: