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Northfield’s gang problem: small, medium, or large?

Strib story on gangs Northfield isn’t a suburb but today’s Star Tribune front page story contains troubling info: Think there are no gangs in the suburbs? Think again.

… in Northfield, a group of students concerned about gangs organized a forum to educate students and parents. Said one of the organizers, 16-year-old Sharonne Bermudez, "Our goal was to at least make them listen to us, to let them know how gangs are affecting us."

There was a student-organized gang forum? Anyone have details? I searched for current gang-related info on various websites: City of Northfield, Northfield Public Schools, Rice County but couldn’t find anything.

Mill Towns Trail bridge: ready for assembly. Connecting trail: still a problem?

IMG_4001 IMG_4000

Three trucks delivered the bridge girders for the Mill Towns Trail bridge over the Cannon River this morning. They’ll be put in place next week. (A tip-of-the-blogger hat to John Thomas for alerting me.)

I last blogged photos of the construction in February. In the message thread attached to that post, I linked to the Northfield News editorial which highlighted problems with the portion of the trail that will connect the bridge to 5th St. and Water St.  Have these issues been resolved? (I’ve closed comments here. Continue discussion there.)

Agriculture – it’s the new golf

An article last month on posited that farms, not golf courses, may be the more desirable suburban future.

. . . [S]tudies show that property viewing or abutting agricultural lands is as valuable as those overlooking the golf-course, maybe more so if residents can grow fresh, pesticide-free foods and reduce long-distance trucking.

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Where are the area’s most popular speed traps?

traffic-ticket-online-versiontraffic-ticket-print-version I got nailed for speeding a week or so ago, going 44 in a 30 in the laughably-labeled ‘urban zone’ of Cannon City. (It’s a freakin’ township.) It’s ridiculous IMHO to have the speed set for 30 MPH on County Road 20 as if it were a neighborhood street. Even Dennison, which is a city and has many businesses along County Road 9, has the speed set at 35 MPH through the middle of town.

Okay, so it’s cash-cow speed trap, I should have known better since I travel that way to Faribault often, and my fine of $130 helps Rice County’s revenue stream. I’ll get over it eventually.

So in the interest of public safety (heh), where are the other speed traps in the area?

Mill Towns Trail update: bridge construction begins; Rotary’s JJBT donates $20K

Mill Towns Trail bridge construction Ed Lufkin, an increasingly active blogger for 3 Northfield area organizations, posted to the Rotary’s blog last week a photo of Jesse James Bike Tour (JJBT) chair Neil Lutsky presenting a check for $20,000 to Peggy Prowe of the Mill Towns Trail.  Today I noticed that construction on the bridge has visibly progressed. The bridge was supposed to have been constructed last year. (continued)

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