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Happy New Year! BUT… by Tracy Davis for Lampe Law Group

This isn’t exactly a public service announcement, but it never hurts to be reminded: Attorney Tim Morisette has posted some DUI cautions (something to keep in mind all the time, but which may be particularly relevant over the next few days).? I’ve got a friend at a DUI attorney Ann Arbor MI company who has loads of DUI court experience. They actually successfully tried cases involving breath test results that were .08 and more.

We all know that “stuff happens”.  If it happens to you, call LampeLaw at 507-663-1211.  They can help.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year!

Got law? by Tracy Davis for Lampe Law Group

Lampe Law GroupI brought a large pitcher of Kool-Aid over to the Lampe Law office a couple of months ago, and ever since, they’ve demonstrated a new enthusiasm for jumping into the social media/blogging pool.  In addition to the firm’s new forays onto Facebook and Twitter, the partners (Lance Heisler, Tim Morisette, and Maren Swanson) have started blogging by writing  informational posts on various legal topics.

I’d like to help them make their content even more useful by getting input from LoGro and the Northfield area community.  I began by asking Griff for feedback, and his answer–you could have predicted it–was “needs more fluff”.  Well, okay, I can work with that.  Meanwhile, for all you people of substance, are there general legal questions or issues you’d like to understand better? Do you have any suggestions for post topics? Or would you rather just see pictures of lawyers making fun of themselves?

For example, I asked Lance yesterday why someone should use a lawyer to draft documents for a business formation rather than just using boilerplate from the internet and paying the State’s fee. He had a pretty good answer for that. So, that’s a topic one of them will be blogging about soon.

Traffic court? The litigation process? Why a statute doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means?  The kinds of things I think might be interesting or informative may be complete clunkers. If you can provide ideas by simply telling me the questions that have crossed your minds, or circumstances you’ve run into that could have been improved by more or better legal information, now’s your chance. There’s no doubt that such information could benefit others facing similar situations.

Understand, of course, that Tim’s, Lance’s, and Maren’s posts are not considered legal advice.  (They made me say that.)  And yes, I am getting paid for helping them with this. And they did pay for a Premium Plus level LG membership.

All that being said, the partners and I welcome your suggestions, so I hope I get some here!

8,341 blizzard photos compiled into 3-minute time lapse video by Tim Freeland

[show_avatar]youtube-sshotAfter three days and 8,341 still shots from our KYMN camera on the historic Scriver Building in downtown Northfield, Adam Gurno and I put together a time-lapse version of this week’s 8-10″ of snow during blizzard conditions and a full-out snow day! Watch closely as there is a quiz at the end of this 3-minute video presentation.  Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy!

Update on the Pure Performance program at NHS by Curt Benson

[show_avatar]I’m a member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Alchohol and Drug Use (MTFYADU). I attended the monthly meeting last Tuesday and heard Tom Graupmann, Northfield High School’s athletic director,  give an update on the implementation of the Pure Performance program–a program aimed a decreasing alcohol/chemical use in students participating in athletic and other activities at NHS.   Please note that this report is my opinion only, and not meant to be any kind of official statement from the MTFYADU.

hs-bannerThe Pure Performance program was introduced to NHS by task force member Kathy Cooper.    Cooper had heard from Lakeville parent/volunteer Patti McDonald that this program had achieved some success in the Lakeville school district.  She arranged to have McDonald present an overview to a group of NHS administrators and coaches.  They choose to implement the program starting with the 2009 fall sports season.

Pure Performance was developed by John Underwood of the American Athletic Institute.    This program differs from other programs aimed at discouraging youth alcohol and drug use by not focusing so much on scare tactics and legalities.   Instead, Underwood focuses on the detrimental effects of alcohol and drug use on athletic performance.  He backs up his concepts with solid scientific research.  For example, he shows slides that clearly show differences in the brain scans of alcohol users as compared to non users.    His background as an NCAA All American and coach of Olympians gives him real credibility.

Underwood did three presentations at NHS on September 1st (that links to my blog post back in Aug.)  The sessions were aimed at the athletes; teachers and coaches; and parents and members of the public.

In previous years, prior to participating in activities, athletes and parents signed a permission slip which included a thick packet of the Minnesota State High School League‘s eligibility rules–including the rules regarding alcohol/chemical use.  This year, in addition to the MSHL rules, the “Pure Performance Pledge” was added.  It says:

To demonstrate my support, I pledge to:

  1. Support my fellow teammates by setting an example and abstaining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  2. Never enable or lie for my teammates, if any rules are broken.  I will hold my teammates responsible and accountable for their actions.
  3. Seek information and assistance in dealing with my own or my teammates problems.
  4. Be honest and open with my parents about my feelings, needs, and problems.
  5. Be honest and open with my coach and other school personnel when the interests of my teammates are being jeopardized.

This pledge was signed by the athletes, their parent(s), team captains and coaches.  The pledge is intended to create opportunities for conversations about alcohol and drug use.

In his presentation to the MTFYADU, Graupmann said he has increased the amount of training given to team captains this year.  The captains are now receiving a three hour block of leadership training, which includes content about alcohol and drug use.  Additional training for the coaches is being contemplated.

Graupmann said that alcohol and chemical related eligibility incidents are down from previous years, but he was clear to explain that the numbers may not be significant or attributable to the Pure Performance program.

I think implementation of the Pure Performance program is a positive development.  The high school administrators and coaches have been totally supportive, and Graupmann especially should be commended for his energetic leadership.

Few are naive enough to believe that a program or two can change long standing problems overnight.  But I believe the implementation of the Pure Performance program is a step in the right direction.

See the Pure Performance videos on YouTube, for example:

KYMN launches ‘Snowday Email Alert’ by Tim Freeland

[show_avatar]kymn-logo3KYMN is proud to launch “Snowday Email Alert”. We’ll keep you up to date during weather events by sending you emails throughout the day as news happens and closings are called into the station.  Just submit your email and we’ll be on top of it for you. Relax and know that you’ll get an email if schools close, business shut their doors, or any weather related breaking news happens during winter snow events.

Your email address will be used for only this purpose. Opt out any time. You will need to click in the email that is sent to your inbox after subscribing.

Visit the KYMN site to subscribe here.

Sustainable communities by Bruce Morlan

pyramid scheme[show_avatar]As a known and practicing True Believer in economic and social freedom, I am sometimes accused of reneging on the promise freedom gives in order to drink kool-aid with the dewey-eyed true believers whose tenets are whipped together as a frothy promise  in the mirrored halls of hope rather than having been tested in the crucibles of truth that our experiences represent. The politicians’ promise to provide perpetual  “growth” becomes a pyramid scheme that feeds on our ability to (1) consume on demand,  (2) provide a larger population to feed the economic engine, and (3) find the raw materials to feed the engine.  This represents a pyramid that only a Madoff or a pharaoh could appreciate. Continue reading Sustainable communities by Bruce Morlan