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Site updates, announcements, etc.

Post ratings

Each post can now have a quick rating system at the bottom.

This means, that you, the site visitor, can give us, the site authors, quick feedback on an individual blog entry. One click is all it takes.

Try it on the dog park post from a couple days ago.

And try it here. See the stars below? From the left, click star #1 to give this post the lowest rating. Click star #5 to to give this post the highest rating. You can only vote once, in case you tried to cheat.

Sidebars glitch

If you’re looking at this page with the Firefox browser, you’ll see two right-sidebar columns with content, as you should.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll see all the sidebar content in a single sidebar, the other empty. Ack!

I’ve located a volunteer who’s much smarter about CSS than me and I hope to have this resolved by the weekend.

Sidebar items added

I’ve added a variety of sidebar items, most of them self-explanatory if you’re a techie. If you’re not, ask about them by using the comment feature for this blog post.

Next I’ll create accounts for Ross and Tracy and we’ll soon start discussing — right here in the blog so you can join us — what issues to consider for our upcoming podcast episodes.