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Filters for Our Water

CRWP - No natural filterWe filter things because we want to prevent something that we don’t want from getting into the thing we are trying to protect. One place this happens is along the shoreline of lakes, rivers and streams. These natural filters help to protect the water by keeping stuff out like dirt, chemicals, fertilizers, and even just too much water.

After rain storms, water runs downhill and picks up dirt, chemicals, animal waste, and whatever else it encounters. As the water hits these natural filters of grasses, perennial plants and trees, it slows down and some sinks into the soil. The stuff the water was carrying settles out in the filter. The runoff that makes it to the lake or stream is then carrying much less pollution and moving at a slower speed so it is less destructive to the banks. All in all natural filters are a great way to achieve clean water.

To learn more about natural filters, also known as buffers, and what is happening in Rice County, visit us at Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) and check out the following links:

Northfield News: Farmers Would Respond To A Simple Reminder

Northfield News: No Will, No Buffer 

Faribault Daily News: Ignoring Water Buffers Could Become Costly

Septic system inspections: keeping the lakes clean

Inspecting a septic tankseptic_systemSeptic system inspections have been in the news a lot lately in Rice County.  You can read more about it on the Cannon River Watershed Partnership wastewater page.

Maintenance of septic systems is very important especially if you have lakeshore property.  Having systems that function properly keeps human waste out of the lakes and reduces the bacteria and phosphorus that pollute the water.   To prepare your septic system and cabin for the cold months ahead:

  1. Have your septic tank pumped regularly
  2. Cover the system with a layer of straw or leaves for insulation
  3. Have your furnace cleaned, seal windows, unplug appliances, and winterize any plumbing that won’t be in use during the winter.

(Editor’s note: this was originally submitted to the membership sideblog but I’ve opted to post it to the main blog since Rice County’s septic system inventory has been an issue. – Griff)

From the CRWP wastewater page:

Rice County’s septic system inventory, in which county staff assess if a property’s septic system is an imminent public health threat, has come under criticism at two public meeting over the past couple weeks. This criticism caused the Rice County Board to decide to not apply for additional funding to continue the inventory, for now. See below for Faribault Daily News coverage:

Fred Somers art sale benefit for the Cannon River Watershed Partnership, by Beth Kallestad

The Cannon River Watershed Partnership and award winning artist Frederick D. Somers invite the public to the opening event of the Art Sale – Ordinary Wonders a Celebration of the Cannon River.  The event is on October 22 from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the Somers Studio and Gallery, 9775 Dennison Blvd. S., Northfield, MN 55057.

Ordinary Wonders II Sun Kissed Shadows Somers CRWP order form
Orders will be taken for prints of the paintings Ordinary Wonders and Sun Kissed Shadows.  Additional original works will also be on display and available for purchase.   Orders will be taken through November 12th with delivery in time for Christmas.   A portion of the proceeds will benefit the CRWP.

To place an order contact the Somers Studio or download the pdf order form and send it to the Somers Gallery.

Griff’s Note: a couple of my photos of Fred Somers:
Fred Somers at HideAway Fred Somers on Bridge Square

Cannon and Straight rivers are less tired after Cannon River Watershed Partnership cleanup, by Beth Kallestad

Cannon River Watershed Partnership September 18th dawned cool and cloudy, but that did not deter the 185 volunteers who took part in the 2nd Annual Watershed Wide River Cleanup hosted by the Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP).

Due to high water, that as it turned out only got higher the next week, we were only able to cleanup along the shorelines and not get into the water as we had hoped.   Even so, groups working in Owatonna, Medford, Faribault, Shields Lake, Northfield, and Cannon Falls collected approximately 23,000 pounds of trash.

Tires BarbJohnFencing Oles_091810

Owatonna1_091810 Rovers_091810 Scrapmetalindumpster

Volunteers included St. Olaf and Carleton students, the Minnesota Rovers, the Shields Lake Association, the Knights of Columbus and many others.  We even had one person from Austria!  Ok so maybe he didn’t come just for the cleanup, but he still helped.  Big ticket items included fencing, lots of scrap metal and TIRES: 29 car tires, 2 tractor tires, and 1 semi tire.

Many thanks to all the individuals who assisted!    Join us for the 3rd Annual Watershed Wide River Cleanup in September 2011.

For those of you who don’t yet know about the Cannon River Watershed Partnership, check out our website, sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter, and become a member today!