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Separated at birth? You decide

Carol Korda and Chis Ellison; or is it Chris Ellison and Carol Korda?

These two Northfield women are commonly mistaken for one another.

I took this photo earlier today at the Northfield Senior Center.

Who are they? And do the men in their lives understand the dangers?

Update 9/2, 7:45 am: Rob Hardy’s comment correctly identifies one of the women as Chris Ellison. The other is Carol Korda. But which is which?

Don’t forget: Alzheimer’s readings this weekend

Carol Korda HollyHughes-sshot BFCoverLg
Master gardener Carol Korda stopped by my corner office at GBM on Tuesday to promo the upcoming readings by her longtime family friend, Holly Hughes, editor of the new anthology titled Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose About Alzheimer’s Disease. Northfield blogger and contributing poet Rob Hardy will join Holly in the two readings.

For more, see the PDF of the poster, the website for the book Beyond Forgetting, and the event notice on Northfield.org.