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Gambling at River Bend Nature Center pays dividends

Mountain bike meeting at River Bend Nature Center31st Annual Ramble - RBNC Raffle tickets - 31st Annual Ramble - RBNC 
I’ve been to several mountain bike-related meetings at River Bend Nature Center (RBNC) this year since I blogged about the first one back in April. I bought a RBNC family membership at that meeting, and then, at a meeting in September, I bought two raffle tickets for the 31st Annual Ramble, RBNC’s annual fundraiser wingding.

Milltown Cycles proprietor Ben Witt at RBNC RBNC Executive Director Barbara Caldwell and Griff Wigley pump/jump park bike Buying wool socks at Milltown Cycles 
I wasn’t able to attend the Ramble on September 29th but at about 9 pm, I got this email from Northfielder Ben Witt, proprietor of Milltown Cycles in Faribault and a big supporter of RBNC:

Griff, it is my pleasure to represent River Bend and inform you that you’ve won the River Bend Raffle, claiming a $2000 prize! Taxes will be withheld from that amount, and Barbara will inform you of the specifics.  Congrats sir, and thanks for supporting River Bend!

Cool. Playing bingo at DJJD is about the extent of my gambling habit and I think I won $15 at it once.

By the time I picked up my check yesterday from RBNC Executive Director Barbara Caldwell, I’d already purchased a pump/jump park bike with my winnings.  I then promptly went downtown Faribault to Milltown Cycles to purchase some wool socks for mountain biking.  Local bike shops are likely to see a little more of the winnings circulating through their stores but the bulk of it is going towards a little home improvement project that Robbie has been eager to finish.

Go Vikings! And take Senator Dick Day with you

Vikings-logo I agree with Republican activist Andy Brehm who has a commentary in today’s Strib: The Vikings? Great. Gambling? Not good. "Dick Day’s proposal to pay for a stadium with proceeds from a ‘racino’ sounds painless, but would in fact be very damaging." That would be soon-to-be-lobbyist Senator Dick Day.

I also agree with Craig Cox, a former colleague at Utne Reader, who chastised the Strib in his letter to the editor last week for not asking Vikings owner Zygi Wilf some hard questions:

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