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Northfield Gives! You can leverage GiveMN’s Give to the Max Day this Thursday, Nov. 15

Planning meeting: 2012 Northfield Gives Planning meeting: 2012 Northfield Gives Planning meeting: 2012 Northfield Gives
A couple weeks ago I visited one of the planning meetings at LBSA by Northfield area non-profit leaders who were working on how to best position their organizations for this week’s Give to the Max Day by GiveMN. Some of the participants:

Betsy Spethmann, Northfield Area United Way Candy Taylor, 5th Bridge Jane Fenton, Laura Baker Services Hayes Scriven, Northfield Historical Society Beth Kallestad, Cannon River Watershed Partnership Sandy Vesledahl, Prairie's Edge Humane Society

It was cool to see the level of collaboration for what they’re calling Northfield Gives. Key word: leverage!

From the 5th Bridge Northfield Gives page:

On November 15th, 2012, your on-line donation of $10 or more to your favorite participating charity or school, could win that organization one of 5 local “golden ticket” grants of up to $1000, one of 24 statewide $1000 “golden ticket” grants, one statewide “Super Golden Ticket” worth $10,000 and could possibly put that organization on the Give MN Leader board earning them additional grants up to $15,000.

Northfield 2012 Give to the Max dayIn addition, many organizations have challenge grants which could further amplify your gift. So you could say that Give to the Max Day is your chance to Give for the Max, because your gift could become so much more.

To encourage donors in the Northfield area, local sponsors are offering 5 “golden ticket” grants of up to $1000, to participating local organizations (listed below). Drawings will be held at noon and 8pm on November 15th (winning donations will be posted on the 5th Bridge website, 5th Bridge Facebook page and announced on available local media sources). So give generously and give often to increase the chances of your organization winning. “Friend” 5th Bridge on Facebook for exciting updates throughout the day and for ongoing notices of volunteer opportunities.

The participating organizations:

Of course, there are many other area non-profit organizations, projects, fundraisers and teams participating in GiveMN’s Give to the Max Day. Just go to their website and search for ‘Northfield’ or ‘55057’ and you’ll see them.

Donors bellying up to the Give to the Max table at GBM

Friends of the Library president Bill North (donating), Sue Lloyd,  Peggy Kelly, Steve Kelly, Betsey Spethmann, Tim Lloyd ,  Beth Kallestad, Cannon River Watershed Partnership

A group of Northfield area non-profits are staffing a Give to the Max table at GBM all day today, part of GiveMN Day. (Details here on Nfld Patch). During my office hours this morning were:

Others scheduled:

Please donate to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society on Give to the Max Day, Wednesday, November 16th!

Meet Rhonda, a Beautiful Finnish Spitz mix dog currently at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society

DSC_0419[2] DSC_0079[3] DSC_0070[1]

"Hello Everyone! My name is Rhonda and I’ve been here at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society for a while now.  When I first came here, I was lost, scared and had an injury to my hip and knee that was causing me a lot of pain.  The folks here at Prairie’s Edge have been so kind to me.  They had a veterinarian check out my injuries and he said I had a dislocated hip and torn ligaments in my knee. 

So they operated on my hip first and now I am recuperating here at the shelter until I am strong enough to have my knee operated on also. I’m able to exercise in the yard here at Prairie’s Edge and I don’t have that horrible pain in my leg anymore, I’m so happy! These nice folks are going to give me some physical therapy and fix me up real good, so that I can be adopted by someone who will care for me, love me and I won’t be alone anymore.

But it costs a lot of money to do all these wonderful things for me. They could really use your help, there are other animals here who need the same love and attention just like they are giving me.  Won’t you consider a donation to Prairie’s Edge on Give to the Max Day? Thanks so much for helping me and all of the other animals here at PEHS. I need to go rest now in the nice warm, comfy bed they have for me!" – Rhonda

There are many other animals such as Rhonda at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society who need your help! Please consider a donation on Give to the Max Day, Wednesday, November 16th.

188192_188660491186784_5644643_n[1]Your on line donation could help PEHS win even more money from GiveMN.org. Click on the Give to the Max logo on Wednesday and make your donation to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.

Here are some ways to stretch your donation and help PEHS even more!

Win a Golden Ticket and Super Size It!

One donor will be randomly chosen every hour to have $1,000 added to their donation. This could be you! And, one $10,000 Super-sized Golden Ticket will be drawn from a donation made sometime during the 24 hours of giving. You could win Prairie’s Edge Humane Society a $10,000 jackpot! So consider donating at an “off” time, such as early in the morning or late at night to increase your odds in the drawing. If you plan to give a larger amount, break it up into smaller donations throughout the hour; that will increase PEHS’s entries in the drawing! There is a $10 minimum donation on line so if you plan to donate $100, break it up into ten $10 donations in one hour instead!

Help Prairie’s Edge Humane Society Win the Grand Prize

This year nonprofits will compete for prize grants on three leaderboards based on the number of dollars raised on Give to the Max Day. Your donation could put Prairie’s Edge Humane Society in the running to win $15,000, $10,000, $7,500 or $5,000. The more you give the better chance we have to win even more money!

It’s easy to help the homeless animals at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society…just click on the Give to the Max logo and donate!

Give to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society on Give To The Max Day, the Great Minnesota Give Together, by Sandy Vesledahl

PEHSWhy should you give to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society on Give to the Max Day? Because of the following animals:

  • Rocky the big black lab was found with two other dogs, abandoned in a house for five days with no food, no water, no outside access.
  • Lovenia, the beautiful silver Persian cat, was found scared, wandering the countryside with matted fur and open soars on her body from someone trying to cut the matted hair.
  • Bones, the calico cat, was abandoned in the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society parking lot overnight in a Rubbermaid tub in 90 degree heat, suffering from dehydration.
  • Hope, the sweet black cat was dumped in a kennel along the freeway with three other cats in the minus 20 degree cold, she had to have her ears and tail amputated due to frostbite.
  • Trevor, the big orange Tabby cat, was turned in to the PEHS shelter because his owner passed away.
  • Chance, the beautiful German Shorthair Pointer, was turned in because he was too old to be a hunting dog anymore.
  • Rex, the cute Cocker Spaniel had to be given up by his owner because of an allergy in the family.
  • Angel, the beautiful terrier, was found tied to the outside of the PEHS building one morning by our staff, she had been abandoned.
  • Red, the adorable Shiba Inu puppy was found lost and scared along the highway.

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society has taken in over 3600 animals in the last two years, with numerous stories such as these. PEHS gives them medical care, food, a warm bed to sleep in and as much love and attention as possible in order to re-home these animals. But the cost to do so is continually rising and due to the economy, donations have decreased over the past two years. Won’t you help us, help these animals who cannot speak or care for themselves? Won’t you help these animals who have been abandoned, neglected or just unable to stay with their current family out of no fault of their own? You can help Prairie’s Edge Humane Society care for these animals TODAY by donating to PEHS thru Give to the Max Day.

Give to the Max Day amplifies your giving impact in a number of ways. First, a $1000 “Golden Ticket” will be given to a random donor’s charity every hour. You could be that donor! In other words, donating at “off hours” like very early in the morning or very late at night could give PEHS a better chance of winning the Golden Ticket. Also, your donation could put PEHS on the leader board to win $10,000 or even $20,000 for the largest number of donors for our non-profit! Help us get “on the board” TODAY by clicking “Give to the Max” for the animals at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.

Give to the Max via GiveMN.org

It appears as though a dozen+ Northfield/Rice County area non-profits and/or their supporters are actively making use of the GiveMN.org website to solicit matching donations today between 8 am and midnight.

giveMN_intro_2  giveMN_sshot

For more info, see the About/GiveMN PDF; and see last weekend’s Nfld News: Nonprofits rally donors for online matching fund day.

Use the GiveMN.org search box to search for “Northfield” and you’ll get a comprehensive GuideStar listing of 200 Northfield area non-profit organizations. But only a few have added photos and more information to the GiveMN site, for example:

WINGS (Women In Northfield Giving Support) 
Northfield Area Foundation 
Laura Baker School Association 
Community Action Center of Northfield 
Rice County Habitat for Humanity