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Krin and Dale, Northfield Street Department workers, are getting ready for Crazy Daze and Taste of Northfield today

Krin and Dale Finger, Northfield City Street Department workers DSC02048 Crazy Daze Northfield 2012
At 5:55 am, Krin Finger and her main squeeze, Dale Finger, were taking time off from their duties as proprietors of the Rare Pair and the Quarterback Club, and put on their hats as Northfield City Street Department workers to set up barricades on Division St. for Crazy Daze and Taste of Northfield (Northfield.org blog post) today.

Krin Finger and her Rare Pair team make magic for the holidays

Krin Finger and Jill Enestvedt, Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield
My other Small Business Saturday visit last week was to Rare Pair where I took a few photos while Robbie shopped. Proprietor Krin Finger and her chief collaborator, Jill Enestvedt (Studio Elements artist and manager), were on hand.

Thanks to Adam Gurno’s blog post on Northfield.org about the Rare Pair holidaday window display, I learned that the store now has a Rair Pair blog, chiefly authored by Caroline Nitz.  But Krin chimes in with comments to the blog posts, like here where she describes the contributions of her team:

Reflecting back on the past 20 years of Holiday Window Displays this morning, i realized that the 2011 Holiday Display summarizes what The Rare Pair tries to represent. I am so grateful to work with such an amazing group of women…

I remember seeing Krin and hubby Dale Finger scrounging for branches and logs at the Northfield composting site a couple weeks ago. Amazing to see how it all turned out.

Here are three more of my in-store photos but be sure to see the photos of the window display in Caroline Nitz’s blog post.

Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield

Lost your marbles? Studio Elements can help

Krin Finger, Jill Enestvedt, Jessica PaxtonMarbles etc at Studio ElementsI was listening to Jessica Paxton’s All Wheel Drive show on KYMN late yesterday afternoon on my way home from snowshoeing in the Carleton Arb and heard her yammering with interviewing that Rare Pair, Jill Enestvedt and Krin Finger, about marbles. I put on my paparazzo hat and got a photo.

Jill’s ‘occasional store,’ Studio Elements – which I blogged about last summer — is open today through Sunday. Marbles are available, among other items.

Rare Pair to launch a new store called Studio Elements

IMG_0392The Rare Pair‘s Krin Finger and Jill Enestvedt were pictured and featured on the front page of the Strib Business section on Sunday in a story titled Keeping the goods flowing (not online until  Wed.) about the Minneapolis Mart, the wholesaler showroom. They

… plan to open a new ‘occasional store’ in November called Studio Elements, and spent Monday at the Minneapolis Mart getting ideas for the existing store and the new concept.

See the Nfld News story, Grezzo to move, new gallery opens, for more.

Not mentioned in either story is that Jill Enestvedt has a greeting card catalog web site by the same name, Studio Elements.

studio elements sshotEnjoy the art and design of one Minnesota artist through a unique selection of handmade greeting cards.  The six chapters of the catalog showcase the many elements that come together in my lively studio…sketching, sewing, painting, photography, crafts, and printing.