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Whither the Locally Grown podcast/radio show?

Although no one has asked (sniff!), we have to assume y’all are worried sick about the status of our weekly show since we’ve gone two weeks now without a new one.  Well relax. Wednesdays have proven to be a scheduling challenge so it’s looking like we’re going to make a move to Mondays, starting June 1. Until then, stay tuned to the new KYMN 1080 AM.

Steve Swanson’s latest book: the story of Harold and Louise Nielsen

Steve Swanson, Paula GranquistPaula Granquist featured author and artist Steve Swanson on her KYMN Radio show, ArtZany! Radio for the Imagination, last Friday morning. Swanson, a retired St. Olaf professor of English and Lutheran pastor, has a new book out (co-authored with Steve Sheppard) titled One Couple’s Gift, published by Northfield-based Nine Ten Press. He’ll be signing books this Saturday at the Alumni Author Event at St. Olaf:

one-couples-gift-coverSteve Swanson’s latest book peeks into the lives of Harold and Louise Nielsen, two seemingly ordinary people and a company called Foldcraft.  Harold Nielson takes his financial success and sells the company to the employees. The funds were used to start the Winds of Peace Foundation which serves the underprivileged around the world, focusing on women and children.  This is a story of their extraordinary vision of a just and peaceable world. 

harold-nielsen steve-sheppard louise-nielson
I’ve had the good fortune to work with Harold Nielsen and Steve Sheppard, both when they were running Foldcraft and more recently with the Winds of Peace Foundation, where Steve has a blog and Louise keeps both of them in line. See the May 6 Kenyon Leader article for more: ‘One Couple’s Gift’ is giving.

KYMN 1080 AM: blogging, streaming, and soon, podcasting

KYMN home page New KYMN 1080 AM owner Jeff Johnson has brought the station into the 21st century in the span of a month. With the help of new hire Tim Freeland and couple of local consultants (yeah, I’m one), the station launched a blog a few weeks ago and this week, they turned on live audio streaming.  See the screenshot with the arrows, pointing to the link that triggers the streaming and the options available from the player. This morning, I listened to Dusty Budd’s 8:05 newscast, pausing and starting it several times as I was interrupted by pesky citizens. Way slick. (continued)

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Will Healy’s new Sunday night radio show on KYMN, ‘The Long Way Home’

longwayhomeNorthfielder Will Healy has a new music show called ‘The Long Way Home’ that airs on KYMN 1080 AM on Sunday nights, 7-9pm. Last week’s Feb. 1 show (blogged by Tim Freeland) featured the music of “women who move us” with Healy’s co-hosts David Henly and Rob Ryden. For tonight’s show, they’re promising a St. Valentine’s Day extravaganza.

Tim Freeland moves from the Northfield News to KYMN 1080

Tim FreelandHe wasn’t named in the layoffs article in the Northfield News last week, News eliminates two supervisor positions, but Tim Freeland was their Advertising Manager. I got this email from Tim today:

Subject: Good news. I’ve accept a job as VP of Sales Operations at KYMN radio

Dear Friends and Family!

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