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The next phase for Northfield Roundtable’s ‘Greening of the Commons’ is about to begin

(clockwise from the left): Steve Engler, Bonnie Jean Flom, EdDee Imm, Dave Van Wylen, Lynne Young, Pat Allen, Dale Gehring, Lynn Vincent, Ann MoseyOn Tuesday night, I sat in on a meeting of citizens who are interested in taking the Northfield Roundtable’s Greening of the Commons to the next stage. 

Those present (clockwise from the left): Steve Engler, Bonnie Jean Flom, EdDee Imm, Dave Van Wylen, Lynne Young, Pat Allen, Dale Gehring, Lynn Vincent, Ann Mosey. 

There will be others at the next meeting who couldn’t be at this one.

Northfield Roundtable’s most recent document is Framework Planning in Northfield, Sept. 2011:

What is a Framework Plan?

A document of conceptual illustrations to inspire ideas, generate conversation and explore “what could be.” A Framework Plan supports a larger idea of the whole, that is easily lost when individual elements are only considered as separate entities or identities.

Intentions of the Framework Plan

The Framework Plan will always be a work in progress. It is a document designed to be inspirational rather than prescriptive, with an emphasis on what could be as opposed to what should be. The goal is to encourage long-range visioning that will keep Northfield, Minnesota, an attractive and vibrant place to live, learn, work and play…well into the future.

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Save the Northfield Depot: fundraising help needed. By Lynn Vincent

[show_avatar email=clvincent@charter.net]A BIG Thanks to all of you who came to last Monday’s Volunteer Organization Meeting, and to those who contacted us saying you wanted to help but could not make the meeting.

We have pretty full support for Communications and Design and Build sub-committees, and we got a web graphic designer to help with the site.  Alice Thomas is facilitating the Communications group, and Steve Edwins is facilitating the Design and Build group.

What we are missing and really need are Fund Raising people.  We have two grant writiers, but we need folks who are committed to the depot and are willing to go “mano a mano” asking for donations.  Obviously, this group is key to the success of Saving the Depot.  If you are willing to ask, or are willing to learn how to ask, please get in touch with me at clvincent@charter.net, or Rob Martin at his office at Martin Insurance.  We will be head over heels to hear from you and will treat you like royalty!   ; – )

Save the Northfield Depot meeting, by Lynn Vincent

[show_avatar email=clvincent@charter.net]YOU ARE INVITED! All you history buffs and train lovers put Monday, June 7, 7pm, Northfield Community Resource Center on your calendars and come help us Save the Northfield Depot.  Can you make a website attractive and interesting?  Can you do graphic art for fklyers and pamphlets?  Are you willing to pound a few nails when the time comes?   Monday night’s meeting is all about recruiting volunteers, organizing them into subcommittees, and getting on with Saving the Depot.  The Depot needs all of us if it is to survive and continue to represent the history of Northfield here in the present and future.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to lend your skills to this most worthwhile project you can contactYou can call me, Lynn Vincent at 664-9554, or e-mail savethehistoricdepot@gmail.com. See you all Monday!

Sub-committees of volunteers needed to Save the Depot. By Lynn Vincent

Northfield Train Depot[show_avatar email=clvincent@charter.net]For the past few weeks the SNDC (Save the Northfield Depot Committee) has been focused on the dull dry drudgery of putting together bylaws, applying for 501 (c) 3 status for the group, and writing case statements, business plans and fund development plans.  Like I said, dull dry drudgery.   We’ve spoken to the City Administrator, members of the City Council and other interested parties about our community meeting findings, and cheered when we heard that one of our top site locations – the Q Block – would not be host to the new Police Station.  We are still assessing some of the parks as potential locations and will be talking with the Park Board soon.

But now for the exciting news!  We are ready to get the ball rolling by forming sub-committees of volunteers to begin working on the tasks we have identified.

  • We need someone to build and update a Save the Depot website, someone who is skilled in marketing and public relations, and someone who would like to be interviewed on the radio.
  • We need people who have artistic talents, publishing skills and writing skill to help with fund raising materials, people who would like to write grants for us, and someone who would design and carry out an e-mail campaign.
  • We need a volunteer who has experience in project management to help link all the tasks together and monitor that things get done in a timely fashion, and someone who can track donor gifts and be sure they are thanked.
  • We are looking for people who like to plan events to kick off the giving campaign, fund raising events, and to celebrate success.
  • We need people who will ask businesses and community residents to support Saving the Depot.
  • When the time comes we will need people who can pound nails, saw, measure, and help with the construction of the interior of the depot, the portico and the new baggage house.
  • We’d REALLY like someone who would volunteer to actually move the depot when the time comes!
  • And most of all, we need someone who knows everybody in the town to be our volunteer coordinator.

So if you have fund raising skills, communication skills, technology know-how, or are not sure where you might fit but want to help anyway, DO WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU!  If this is to be a successful effort we need the whole town behind us working behind the scenes or out front in the spotlight.

You can call me, Lynn Vincent at 664-9554, or e-mail savethehistoricdepot@gmail.com, or get in touch with any of the steering committee members: Pat Allen, Chip DeMann, Steve Edwin, Alice Thomas, Baird Jarman, Rob Martin, Clark Webster or me, Lynn ; – )

And thanks for stepping up to help, because I know you will!

Save the Depot! by Lynn Vincent

Northfield Train Depot[show_avatar email=clvincent@charter.net]Save the Depot is a grassroots effort by a group of local citizens to save and preserve our historically relevant Northfield Train Depot.   We started the journey three years ago when our parent group – Northfield in Bloom – noticed the depot because of all the graffiti and weeds marring the building and the saplings growing out from the foundations.

Actually, noticed is too soft a word.  Incensed might be better – so incensed that we thought about sneaking onto the property in the dead of night to cut down the trees and plant flowers!   But we really didn’t want to come up against Chief Taylor arresting us for trespassing, so we talked with the City Administrator and Progressive Rail to cut a deal.  The railroad agreed to sell the building to the City and the City agreed to pass the owner ship on immediately to another group (us), the caveat being that the depot had to be moved off of railroad property.

So we got together with a bunch of railroad enthusiasts and historical preservationists early this year forming the Save the Depot Committee.   We held three community meetings with interested citizens and stakeholders to see what other Northfield residents thought about our effort to save the 1888 depot and got a lot of good feedback and suggestions for relocation sites, uses and who might want to own the depot.

Two locations – the Q-Block and Babcock Park – were mentioned the most, and some of the uses suggested were as a transit site, a Chamber/visitors’ center, and a multi-use building.

We want to know what you think and what else you want to know about us, so we are hoping to get a great dialogue going here.

Or you can stop any of us on the street to talk. The committee is made up of Rob Martin, Steve Edwins, Pat Allen, Clark Webster, Chip DeMann, Baird Jarman, and Alice Thomas… and me!

Photo album: ‘Save the Depot’ community meeting

The ‘Save the Depot’ committee held a public meeting last Monday, March 1 at the NCRC. Members include Steve Edwins, Lynn Vincent, Rob Martin, Pat Allen, Chip DeMann, Alice Thomas and Clark Webster.

I’ve turned off comments on this blog post. Continue the discussion that’s attached to the Oct. 8 blog post titled Is Northfield’s train depot worth saving?

See the album of 12 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

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WINGS blows through $42,500 at lunch

WINGS (Women In Northfield Giving Support) held their 2008 grants award luncheon at the St. Olaf King’s Room on Saturday.

Catherine McBride, Lynn Vincent WINGS table display WINGS luncheon
Catherine McBride, founding president of WINGS, and Lynn Vincent, current President, spoke to an assembled group of members and 2008 grantees. The WINGS endowment has grown to $310,000. Total grants in the past 7 years: $300,000. This year: $42,500.

WINGS luncheon Molly Woehrlin, Jim Pokorney
Left: school district table, L to R – Emily Monaghan, Jean Noack, Mary McComiskey, Ruth Gillen, Ruthann Burkartzmeyer, ???, Sarah Swan McDonald.
Right: Molly Woehrlin and Councilor Jim Pokorney

wings-grants-sshot wingspan-news-sshot

Left: The list of 2008 Grantees/amounts (PDF)
Right: The Spring ’08 issue of WINGSPAN

After Girls Night Out (GNO) 2008, volunteer Ally Beyer emailed me that:

… we raised $1500 for the WINGS group. We are so excited about the outcome of this year’s event! We had almost twice the amount of women as last year. It was fantastic! Also, the committee loves what WINGS is about and we have decided to donate to WINGS every year.

More info and a photo of the GNO donation to WINGS posted to the N.org blog by Joan Behr.