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Patsy Dew wants you to attend the artists reception for the Third Annual Senior Open. Me, too.

Patsy 'Vanna White' Dew, Senior Open 2012Senior Open 2012Griff Wigley, geezer amateur photographer Senior Open 2012

After publishing 20,000+ Northfield-related photos in the past decade, I decided to include one in the Third Annual Senior Open, now open at the Northfield Senior Center through Jan. 6.  Patsy Dew has once again organized an outstanding group of geezers to display one item from our work: 

Jim Haas, Beverly Watson, Ruth Meliza, Marsha Kitchel, Riki Kolbl Nelson, Mary Ruth, Maryrose Gondeck, Patsy Dew, Barb Cleare, Sandy Dinse, Fred Gustafson, Mac Gimse, Kathy Anderson, Marj Gruszewski, John Walters, Larry Torgeson, Greg Smith, Donna Jackson, Walter See, Beverly Steberg, Bob Oates, Pat Oates, Linda Bliese, Sharon Bornhott.

And next Tuesday, Dec. 4, there’s a reception for the artists from 4-6 pm.  If you show up, I just might take your photo.

The Tree of Knowledge and Delight: Young sculptors project to be celebrated on Friday

The Tree of Knowledge and Delight, Northfield The Tree of Knowledge and Delight, Northfield The Tree of Knowledge and Delight, Northfield 
From Christie Clark’s Northfield.org blog post,Public Sculpture Unveiling Celebration:

Join us in celebrating of the official unveiling of "The Tree of Knowledge and Delight" on Friday, June 29th at 4:30 on Division St. in front of the Library.  This project, known as the "Young Sculptors Project" has been a close collaboration between Emeritus St. Olaf Professor Mac Gimse and ten Northfield High School students with funding from the South East Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC). This grant was written through the auspices of the Arts and Culture Commission.


St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower featured on MPR’s MN Today

St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower was featured on MPR’s new Minnesota Today service this week in a Minnesota Sounds piece titled Northfield: Memorial wind chimes ring through St. Olaf.

A wooden tower on the quad at St. Olaf College houses 21 sets of wind chimes. Built in 2003, the tower and its chimes memorialize students who have died while attending the college.

The chimes are tuned to D, the key of the hymn "Beautiful Savior." On windy days, the sound of the chimes reaches almost every corner of campus. Pastor Bruce Benson tells the story of the college’s memorial wind chimes and what their sounds signify.

When the sun came out on Tuesday, I took some photos of the Memorial Chime Tower. I tried to capture the sounds but the noise of jets, trains and nearby construction machinery kept interfering.

St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime TowerMac Gimse 
There’s a poem on a placard attached to the tower, written by Mac Gimse, Professor Emeritus of Art. I found the text of it online in his speech for the Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at St. Olaf College on April 21, 2006:

Continue reading St. Olaf’s Memorial Chime Tower featured on MPR’s MN Today

More public art on Fifth Street! | Lampe Law Office

Art.Org and the Lampe Law Group have announced the “Five Sculpture Project“, in which works of art would be displayed on the pedestal in front of the Law Office at 105 East 5th Street (across from the Rueb ‘N’ Stein).

ArtOrg is bringing together five artists that will create large works in an activity we call the “Five Sculpture Project”. The five sculptures will be exhibited at the pedestal in front of the Lampe Law Group in downtown Northfield, Minnesota. The projected public unveiling of the project will be in the fall of 2010, and thereafter each sculpture will be on display for a period of ten weeks each, or a total “Five Sculpture” display period of one year.

Since late 2008, the Lampe Law Office pedestal has displayed the Mac Gimse work entitled “Between Earth and Sky“.  Both the Five Sculpture Project and Art.Org have received partial funding through the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council through the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund via the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment which was adopted after State referendum in November 2008.  (The firm also makes a monthly donation to help fund this public art project.)

The partners at Lampe Law Group (Lance Heisler, Tim Morisette, and Maren Swanson) are all very enthusiastic about this project, and are looking forward to the installation of a new work later in the year.

And, in an editorial comment, and with my “civic booster” hat on, I want to hand it to the Lampe Law Group for their direct support of public art and the Northfield arts community via their donation of money and of prominent display space. Thank you!

Gimse sculpture unveiling today

nter outside of the Lampe Law Group offices IMG_8721

While taking some photos of the 5th St. construction yesterday, I noticed the base of the planter outside of the Lampe Law Group offices. Hmmm. And when I walked into the GBM this morning, I saw the model of the Mac Gimse sculpture, ‘Between Earth and Sky,’ with its flyer on today’s unveiling and festivities at 3 pm. Oh yeah!

See ArtOrg Executive Director Dave Machacek’s blog post for more details.

Update 9:45 PM:

The sculpture was still being installed tonight at around 8 pm when I happened by.

Mac Gimse sculpture, 'Between Earth and Sky' Mac Gimse sculpture, 'Between Earth and Sky'