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The Susan Perry Memorial Walk for Animals is next Sat. but you can fundraise now with your own web page

Leah Erickson memorial-walk-animals-sshot  
I stopped by Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic’s retail store yesterday to get a photo of staffer Leah Erickson holding up a poster and t-shirt for next Saturday’s Susan Perry Memorial Walk for Animals (PDF poster), a benefit for the Rice County Humane Society (RCHS). The clinic is an event co-sponsor.

(See previous LG blog posts on Susan Perry for background info on her. See the Northfield.org calendar listing for the event for more event details.)

fg_pageRCHS has a link to a fundraising page at FirstGiving where you can either

  • donate directly; or
  • set up your own fundraising page and then ask friends and family to donate via your page.

RCHS reminds everyone that they receive "… no tax dollars or United Way funds, and rely on donations from animal lovers like you to help us help animals."

More of the story behind the Natalie Smead tragedy

smead attorney letter sshot natalie perry smead A month ago I posted an update on the Natalie Smead story. Earlier this week, Natalie’s father, Pete Smead, let me know that the lawsuit had been settled earlier (see this Newsday article). And then he forwarded this letter (PDF) from the family’s attorney, Robert G. Sullivan to Mark Rosenker, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The letter addresses the question: Why would Long Island Railroad (LIRR) spend millions of dollars on gap repairs if Natalie was at fault in her own death? (continued)

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The Natalie Smead story painfully continues

ntsb Last month, the StarTribune ran a follow-up story on the accidental death of Northfielder Natalie Smead two years ago: Teen’s family says NTSB report on N.Y. train death is incomplete. The Northfield News ran a story at the same time titled Alcohol contributed to teen’s death, says NTSB. The comment thread attached to the latter, as well as a letter to the editor last week, show that some people are upset that Northfield News article didn’t tell the whole story.  Others are defending the paper. Now comes word this week that Natalie’s mother, Susan Perry, died on Sunday. I don’t know what to make of any of this but the conversations I’ve heard this week make it evident that it might be helpful to provide a place for the community to discuss it online – with respect and civility, please.