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Chamber’s Creative Professionals Committee eschews web marketing in favor of sidewalk dancer

IMG_3803 elvispresleyjailhouserock  IMG_3802 
In January, I blogged about the planning for tomorrow night’s Jailhouse Rock’ auction which is raising funds for an upgrade on Northfield’s holiday decorations. I thought for sure that the Chamber’s Creative Professionals Committee would have a page up on the Chamber’s website by now, or maybe a quick-and-dirty blog for the event like the Arts Crawl folks have done.

But in what I have to assume was a strategically creative move, they turned up their collective noses at those old fashioned marketing tools like blogs and Twitter and instead, they’ve found a guy to prance about like Elvis on the sidewalk in front of the Grand. Brilliant!

If you want info on the event, best to check with one of Northfield’s primo bloggers.

Podcast: The Triumvirate on Main Street 2.0

The LG Triumvirate It was just us co-hosts yesterday, primarily doing a post-mortem on Ross’ trip to Chicago for the National Mainstreets Conference with its 2009 technology-related theme, Becoming Main Street 2.0. (And what is Web 2.0? ) See the live-blogging organizers did during the conference. Ross has posted to his NDDC blog about the conference here, here, and here and on LG here and here.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes. You can also download the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast feed, or subscribe directly with iTunes. Continue reading Podcast: The Triumvirate on Main Street 2.0