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Ryan Heinritz wants you at the 4th Annual Blue Collar BBQ & Arts Festival, 19 minutes away

Ryan Heinritz, Executive Director of the Paradise Center for the Arts 4th Annual Blue Collar BBQ & Arts Festival poster 
Normally I ask people to show up at my corner office at GBM to pose for an event promo photo. But Ryan Heinritz, Executive Director of the Paradise Center for the Arts in Faribault, lives near me and occasionally goes out running with one of my neighbors.  Last week, he spotted me departing my townhouse for downtown at 6 am, and zipped back to his car to get a poster for next Saturday’s 4th Annual Blue Collar BBQ & Arts Festival:

Saturday, August 11, 2012
10am – 11pm
200 and 300 Blocks
Downtown Faribault, MN

Free Event open to the public including Art Fair, Food Vendors, BBQ Contest, Kids Area, Live Music, Beer Garden, Washers Tournament and More

There’s a feature Q&A piece on Ryan by Felicia Crosby (two-page PDF) in the August issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (which is in the process of dropping the word ‘Northfield’ from its identity).  It ends with his answers to these two questions:

What do we all need to know about the Paradise that we don’t?

  1. Ryan Heinritz in NEGIt is open to the public. Though we encourage and need the support of members, it is open to everyone.
  2. There is no dress code. Yes, for the sake of your date it would be nice if you didn’t have holes in your jeans, but there is no dress code.
  3. Everyone is welcome here. We are here to provide you quality educational, artistic and entertainment opportunities and hope you have a great time and come back.

What do Northfielders need to know about Faribault that they don’t?

It’s only 19 minutes from my house in Northfield to the front door of the Paradise Center for the Arts.

Never mind that NEG cover, Girls Nite Out is Friday

NEG May 2012 cover Rob Schanilec, By All Means Graphics Girls Nite Out
When the May 2012 issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (PDF) hit the streets last week, I noticed a typo on the cover. "GIRLS NITE OUT Saturday, May 11" says the text. Of course, May 11th (tomorrow) is Friday.  I had the pleasure yesterday of informing NEG publisher Rob Schanilec (By All Means Graphics) about it. He groaned, "That’s not a typo. I would call that an error."

I could empathize. Last week when I blogged the flyer for the mountain bike racing team information night at the high school, I put ‘Wednesday’ instead of ‘Tuesday.’  Judy Becker, Facilities Scheduler at Community Ed, alerted me to the error.  I fixed the flyer and the blog entry and thanked her.  A few minutes later, she alerted me again. "Tuesday is the 15th, not the 17th. Are you looking at an April calendar?" Um, no, I wasn’t.  I thought I heard her say, "Well then, what are you smoking?"

For all the GNO details, see Jessica Paxton’s blog post on Northfield.org:  Don’t Miss the 6th Annual Girls Nite Out — this Friday, May 11! You can also follow Girls Nite Out on Facebook.

See my 2009, 2008, and 2007 photo albums for a bit of GNO flavor.

Two weeks to go for Northfield’s very own Trashy Little Christmas

Trailer Trash at Rochester Civic CenterA Trashy Little Christmas - Northfield 2011 - Trailer TrashIt’s less than two weeks before one of the best and most popular honky tonk bands in Minnesota, Trailer Trash, returns to town. They’re bringing their celebrated holiday show, A Trashy Little Christmas, to the Grand Event Center here in Northfield on Thursday, December 15th.

For more than a decade, Trailer Trash has taken the holiday spirit and put a spin on it that is decidedly their own, performing a series of holiday shows in the Twin Cities and Rochester.

The band played a couple of very well received shows in Northfield this year, and they are really excited to share their own special brand of Christmas cheer with us. Combining original songs for the season with some reworked holiday favorites, these “honky tonk heroes” will have you laughing, singing and dancing your little humbug off.

Left-Handed Entertainment is proud to present this one-of-a-kind holiday classic, and we hope to make it another traditional holiday event in Northfield.

2011 Northfield Sponsors - A Trashy Little Christmas

We could not be doing this without the generous help of some local sponsors: Rob Schanilec at the Northfield Entertainment Guide, Jeff Johnson at KYMN Radio, John Thomas at Mr. JST Technology Consulting, Cate Vermeland Photography, Ross Currier at the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation, and of course, Griff Wigley here at Locally Grown Northfield.  We thank them for their support.

Tickets are $8.00 in advance or $10.00 at the door (A true bargain! Tickets for the sold-out show in Rochester were $17.50 and $22.50). You can order your tickets online at ATrashyLittleChristmas.com or by contacting either me, Rich Larson, at bgwg@charter.net or Jessica Paxton at Jessica@kymnradio.net.

Matt Arthur & The Bratlanders
Doors open at 6pm, and guests will be treated to a special holiday set by Matt Arthur & The Bratlanders at 7pm.

See you there!

The HideAway turns 5

Joan Spaulding, HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar

I prompted HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar proprietor Joan Spaulding earlier this week to hold up the issue of the May issue of the NEG.

It has a feature (page 40) by Felicia Crosby on the HideAway which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month

Here’s the full text:

The pictures on the long hall of the HideAway say it all. Three large sepia-toned portraits of the Spaulding family – Jim, Joan and their six offspring – illustrate what makes the HideAway such an irresistible destination for a light meal, a glass of wine, or a mid-morning muffin. This very family business feels like home, and when you’re there you’re part of the family.

HideAway in May 2011 NEGOccupying a light and bright space once part of Jacobsen’s Department Store, the HideAway boasts soaring tin ceilings, period moldings and fixtures, and tall windows that overlook busy Division Street. Walls are painted in warm shades of honey and saffron, the furniture is comfortable enough to curl up into, and the nook and cranny eating spaces create the most delightfully intimate places to talk, work and read. Celebrating its fifth birthday in May, the HideAway is convivial and unhurried, exuding a breezy welcome that makes it easy to fantasize about owning this little spot of gastronomic heaven; how hard could it be to own something so fun to be in?

Continue reading The HideAway turns 5

Rob Schanilec is looking for people to get between his sheets

Rob Schanilec on the patio of the Contented Cow NEG Music Makers 
Robbie and I met with Mr. NEG Rob Schanilec on the outdoor patio of the Contented Cow last night. He’s putting together a special issue for June and he wanted to know who we make it with, where we do it, how we do it, what we do the most, and he wanted photos.  Yes, he’s one of those kind of publishers.

If you do it too, he needs to hear from y’all by May 16.  Details here.

And FYI, the NEG is now on Facebook.

Winners: Best of Northfield 2010

Winners Best of Northfield 2010 - all

The editors at the NEG have done the tallying and we now have the results of the Northfield Entertainment Guide and Locally Grown readers’ poll of the

Best of Northfield 2010
(6-page PDF)

Rob Schanilec, Publisher, Northfield Entertainment GuideThe official announcement was made today at 8:45 am when Mr. NEG, Rob Schanilec and I announced the winners on KYMN Radio 1080 with Jeff Johnson.

The Feb. 2011 issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide includes the results and is now available throughout Northfield, and in Flash and PDF format on the NEG site.   Here’s the intro to the Best of 2010 section:

Here it is, loyal Entertainment Guide readers, the long-awaited results to Northfield’s Best of 2010! Our dedicated team of vote counters was wowed by the number of responses we received, but not surprised by the varieties of winners you found for each category.

It confirms our belief that Northfield is a talent-filled town with delights to be found around each and every corner. Though some categories were close, a winner shone through in each and we present them here, with the steady runners-up in italics just behind. Looking at the field of choices, one thing became quite clear to us: the true winner in this poll is the town of Northfield. Congratulations to everyone involved, and here’s to another year!

A QR Code makes its appearance in the January NEG. How else might the codes be used?

NEG0101.thumbnail QR code ad in NEG WordPress for Noobs ad in NEG WordPress for Noobs course QR Code

I bought a small ad for my WordPress for Noobs course (starts next week! Call now! Operators are standing by! Not available in stores!) in the January 2011 issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG). See it on page 11.

My ad contains a QR Code, which Wikipedia describes as a

matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

QR Codes marry the analog world, especially print, to the digital. (They do work online, too. Try it by pointing your smartphone’s code reader app at the code in this blog post.)

I used the free QR Code generator here to make my code.

WIRED_QRcodes copy qrbuckle-660x440
Left: See this blog post about the QR Code in a TAG Heuer print ad in the December issue of WIRED Magazine.

Right: A QR Code belt buckle.

How else might QR Codes be used in Northfield?

Vote for the Best of Northfield, 2010

Best of Northfield 2010Every year, Locally Grown Northfield (LoGroNo) teams up with By All Means Graphics owner Rob Schanilec and his crew at the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) to bring you the Best of Northfield as determined by you, the reader.

Rob asked for feedback about 6 weeks ago here on LG so you’ll notice some changes to the questions/categories this year. 

  Vote online here

Best of Northfield 2010 PDFBest of Northfield 2010 surveyVote by filling out this online straw poll or by filling out a paper version (PDF) and dropping it off at or mailing it to By All Means Graphics at 17 Bridge Square.

The deadline for casting your ballot is Thursday, Jan. 20. Results will appear in the Feb. 2010 issue of the NEG and here on LoGro on Feb. 1.

Questions or suggestions? Attach a comment here.

What category suggestions do you have for the annual Best of Northfield straw poll?

bestofnfld2009sshot1Rob Schanilec and his team at the Northfield Entertainment Guide are gearing up for the 2011 best oBest of Northfield categoriesf Best of Northfield straw poll, an annual collaboration with Locally Grown. See the table (PDF) for past categories and the winners.

Here’s Rob’s thinking about the category changes he’s considering for 2011.  Continue reading What category suggestions do you have for the annual Best of Northfield straw poll?