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Northfield Citizens Online (Northfield.org) is almost 20 years old; get ready to party

Marika Christofides, student journalist for Northfield.org, interviewed me  a couple weeks ago for her piece that was published this week: Happy Anniversary, Northfield.org.

Editor’s Note: In January, Northfield Citizens Online, and Northfield.org, will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its conception. Stay turned for more details about our anniversary party. Meanwhile, Northfield.org student journalist Marika Christofides uncovers the story of Northfield.org’s origins.

1996 Board members: Northfield Citizens Online

Although we started organizing in 1992, the earliest photo I have of those involved back then is this one of Northfield Citizens Online board members at GBM in 1996: L to R, Steve Hatle, Bob Courchaine, Bruce Morlan, Tracy Davis, Andrea Christianson, me, and John Hatch. Not pictured: Lynne Young and George Kinney. Others who were involved in the early stages: Kent Rabehl and Dave Diehl.

For more photos, see our Historical roots of Locally Grown page.