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Archer House gets a big new sign in back. I think it’s going to read: ‘You can relieve yourself here anytime’

Jim Bohnhoff, Bohnhoff Design, with Archer House sign In May of 2011, I blogged that the Archer House had finally installed an external sign that let people know there were public restrooms inside, upper and lower levels.  (I had been complaining about the lack of signage for the $100,000 public toilets, paid for by taxpayers.)

I was still unhappy that the sign was so tiny. See the photo of Jim Bohnhoff, Bohnhoff Design, pointing to it.

Archer House, west sideThis morning, Ray Cox of Northfield Construction, stopped by my corner office at GBM to let me know that they were working with Jim to install a huge new sign on the back of the Archer House.

I took a photo but as you can see, the sign was not visible yet. 

I’m hopeful that the new sign addresses my concerns.  If they’re reluctant to use direct language (eg, ‘public toilets here’) then maybe a euphemism like:

Anyone have better suggestions?

Update 9/2, 11:15 am:

Alas, no such wording. But the sign looks terrific, day and night (apologies for the crappy night photo, taken with my smartphone):

Archer House sign, west side Archer House sign, west side Archer House sign, west side

First National Bank gets a classy ATM sign downtown. Now if only Dave would grab his ladder and remove the 4 year-old graffiti

First National Bank of Northfield's 24 hour ATM sign First National Bank of Northfield's 24 hour ATM sign First National Bank Northfield graffiti CEO Dave Shumway changes a lightbulb
I noticed this week that First National Bank of Northfield installed a 24 hour ATM sign at its downtown location.  Very cool. It’s evidently part of the ATM upgrade that Ray Cox wrote about in his Northfield Construction Company blog last week.

Now is the time for CEO Dave Shumway, who knows how to screw in a light bulb one-handed at the top of a step ladder in front of handicap-access entrance/exit door, to grab his ladder and remove the graffiti that’s been on the upper level of the building since March of 2008.

These guys didn’t have an appointment. I let it go this time.

Steve Grove and Ray Cox at GBMRay Cox stopped by unannounced at my morning office at GBM yesterday morning to talk politics, business, and web stuff for NCC.

And then former Northfielder Steve Grove (Twitter acct link) barged in, all the way from his Manhattan office where he’s head of News and Politics for YouTube.  He’s in town for a few days for a wedding.

Note to self: gray t-shirts are evidently the hip attire these days.

Remodeling begins on the bank building at 25 Bridge Square; anyone need a safe?

remodeling work on the old Community Resource Bank building at 25 Bridge Square remodeling work on the old Community Resource Bank building at 25 Bridge Square old safe at the old Community Resource Bank building at 25 Bridge Square
Northfield Construction Company (NCC) has begun remodeling work on the old Community Resource Bank building at 25 Bridge Square , soon to become the world headquarters for the Neuger Communications Group. That item on the right is not heading to the Northfield Historical Society, I think it’s safe to say.

See Ray Cox’s May 11 NCC blog post for details on the remodeling. See my January blog post for details on the purchase.

Scriver Building: the trees are down but the banner is up

Scriver Building Scriver Building tree stump Scriver Building
The two trees in front of the Northfield Historial Society’s Scriver Building have been cut down (sob!). It looks so bare now from Bridge Square.

Scriver Building with fundraising banner Scriver Building with fundraising banner NHS - Taking Northfield History to the Next Level
But there is now a huge Taking History to the Next Level fundraising banner hanging on the Division St side of the building. For construction updates, see:

Photos: Northfield Historical Society breaks ground on accessibility project

 Northfield Historical Society breaks ground on accessibility project Northfield Historical Society breaks ground on accessibility project Hayes Scriven, on the roof of the NHS

DSC01091 DSC01092
Northfield Historical Society muckety mucks held a ground-breaking ceremony late yesterday afternoon in front of the Scriver Building, marking the start of the NHS ‘accessibility project,’ primarily the addition of an elevator and restrooms. Ray Cox and Craig Vold of Northfield Construction Company were on  hand to show everyone how to hold a shovel.

For more, see:

Think spring! Think porch projects! by Ray Cox, Northfield Construction Company

[show_avatar email=ray@northfieldconstruction.net]As spring weather arrives it is a great time to be thinking about projects that enhance your home. One of the most significant improvements in Minnesota is a screen porch. A screen porch provides a wonderful are to get away from the bugs of summer and fall…remember those pesky Asian beetles that descend upon us? A well-designed screen porch can essentially be an expansion of your home for half of the year. It can provide a great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be a very enjoyable place to play games with family and friends.

Porches generally can have all sorts of wall and roof construction. This photo shows a porch we recently completed that incorporates an arch top window and a vaulted interior ceiling. Railings keep pets from pushing against the screening.

Some people opt to go one step further than a screen porch and create a fully enclosed porch. By using plenty of operating windows a room like this can feel like a screen porch during the warm weather months. But with a small amount of heat from an electric heater it can be a warm room to entertain friends during our winter holidays.

This client elected to use Marvin double hung windows which give excellent ventilation control. They incorporated an arch top window which matches other windows in the ho me. To create a warm feeling in the room they had us finish the inside, including the ceiling, with cedar boards.

Projects like these move along very quickly. Construction is typically not complex and there is very little damage to yards.

Questions? Attach a comment here or contact me via our Northfield Construction Company web site where I post regularly to our company blog.

Proposed historic-looking office building would ‘replace’ the Aldsworth

Aldsworth Building and Community Resource Bank11x17 12 View 19I chatted briefly yesterday with Jim Braucher, Principal of Professional Design Group, a Northfield architectural and engineering firm, on the plans to redevelop the site of the Community Resource Bank and the old Aldsworth building overlooking Bridge Square with a historic-looking 4-story office building. I may be drinking the Kool-Aid but I’m not inclined to jump on the ‘save the Aldsworth’ bandwagon since only its facade was renovated in 1997. According to my Deep Throat at GBM, the interior structure is badly dilapidated. (continued)

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