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MPR’s Molly Bloom visits Northfield for their ‘Get Out There’ segment

More than a few Northfielders got this email recently from Molly Bloom, Public Insight Analyst for MPR News and their Public Insight Network:

Molly Bloom, Public Insight Analyst, MPR NewsI’m writing today because you’re a source in our Public Insight Network and you’ve told us that you live in Northfield. We’re working on a series of stories that we think you might be able to help us with.

MPR News is been doing a series of stories called “Get Out There,” in which we profile Minnesota towns (you can see them here). We want to find the places, eateries, and activities that might be hidden gems. So we’re coming to you to see what you think people should see, do or eat when they’re in Northfield. If friends were visiting from out-of-town, where would you take them? Please tell us here.

Griff intrudes on Almanac tapingMolly heard from 35 Northfielders and graciously let me follow her around yesterday while she visited some of the recommended "hidden gems."

I promised that A) I wouldn’t make any suggestions on where she should go; and B) that I’d try not to get in the way like I did the last time a public media journalist visited.

Chip DeMann, Molly BloomChip DeMann, Molly BloomMolly Bloom, Hayes Scriven, Brad Ness
Her first stop was the Northfield Historical Society where Chip DeMann, Hayes Scriven and Brad Ness tried to impress her with, what else, lots of old stuff.

Molly Bloom at the NAGMolly Bloom at the NAGMolly Bloom at CakeWalkMolly Bloom at CakeWalk
After a quick couple of photos at the NAG, she bought a cupcake at CakeWalk and forced me to eat half of it.

Catherine Dominguez and Molly BloomMolly Bloom and Nathan NelsonMolly Bloom at the Weitz CenterMolly Bloom at Chapati
She chatted with Catherine Dominguez at GBM and took a photo of Nathan Nelson reading newspapers there, a quaint activity that they probably don’t see much of any more in the public media empire. After a visit to the Weitz Center (alas, closed for the summer), she had lunch at Chapati, and then ventured–no further stalking by me–to the Brick Oven Bakery and the Northfield Farmer’s Market in Riverside Park.

Molly Bloom, Victor Summa, Paul HagerShe also was witness to how much I get abused by the citizenry on a daily basis, courtesy of Victor Summa and Paul Hager.

Her story should appear on the Get Out There blog on Thursday, at which point, I invite y’all to chime in here with your suggestions on the other places/hidden gems of Northfield that she should also have profiled.

Vote for Dakota County’s two Partners in Preservation finalists: the Waterford Iron Bridge and Historic Pilot Knob

Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner Waterford Iron Bridge Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper Historic Pilot Knob

Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner and Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper stopped by my morning corner office at Goodbye Blue Monday yesterday. They’re spreading the word about how the Waterford Iron Bridge is in the running for a portion of $1 million from Partners in Preservation. They’ve teamed up on their promotion efforts with Dakota County Historical Society and are encouraging people to vote one day for the Waterford Iron Bridge (Facebook page) and the next day for Historic Pilot Knob (PDF).

I’m conflicted. I grew up a mile from Historic Pilot Knob and have Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota ancestors. See my 2008 blog post when the site was purchased by the city of Mendota Heights, saving it from development.

Waterford Iron Bridge, Sept 2010 flood Waterford Iron Bridge, Sept 2010 flood 
But my affection is now for the Waterford Iron Bridge because I regularly visit there, biking and walking across it as it’s adjacent to the Carleton Arb.  It was one year ago this weekend when the flood nearly washed it away.

Northfielder Paul Hager has produced this gorgeous Waterford Iron Bridge video:

The Waterford Iron Bridge from Paul Hager on Vimeo.

Vote for Waterford Iron Bridge Scan this now to access voting on your smartphone

So 1) get your butt over to the Partners in Preservation Facebook page, 2) Like the page, 3) authorize their  app so you can vote, and then 4) vote every day till Oct. 12.

You can also vote via your smartphone. Scan their QR code to make it easy.

See these links for local Waterford Iron Bridge media coverage:

PEHS recipient of Carleton video project

Thanks to Paul Hager’s CAMS Community Video class at Carleton College, the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society now has a new promo video!

Produced by Sung Hyo Kim, a Carleton senior, this video can be seen by anyone visiting our website to find out more about our facility and our programs. It will be playing in our lobby for visitors to the shelter to watch, we can use it at events and for other promotional purposes as well.

We are so excited to be one of the recipients of a video from this wonderful program for non-profits in our community. PEHS could never afford to hire a professional to produce a video of this quality.

Hyo spent many hours at the shelter, attending events, interviewing staff, filming volunteers and visiting with adopters. From these many hours of filming he was able to edit it down to a high quality video that tells the viewer about PEHS, our mission, programs and services in just over four minutes. He also filmed actual spay and neuter surgeries performed by our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Charlie Gumbusky and then produced two more videos for us, in which you are able to watch a narrated dog and cat spay and a dog neuter. All of these videos can be found on our PEHS website under the Video Library tab. You can also find them on YouTube.

Sung Hyo KimHyo was such a pleasure to work with on this project. He was genuinely interested in our organization and was very professional, polite and accommodating in regards to filming during the times that would fit our staff schedules as well as the shelter schedule and working to really get to know about his video subject. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed working with this Carleton student. He is very talented and we hope to keep in touch with him in the future, as our staff grew to respect and enjoy his presence at the shelter. Hyo is from South Korea and he will be returning there once he graduates from Carleton College. He is a very ambitious young man and we know he will do well in whatever he decides to pursue after his graduation.

This class is a great gift to the non-profit organizations in the area who are picked by these students to produce a video each year. I believe there were 5 or 6 groups who benefited from this class in our community. Thank you to Paul Hager and Carleton College for teaching not only the professional production of these videos to these students and allowing our non-profits to benefit from it, but for also instilling in them the responsibility of giving back to a community and giving these students the opportunity to experience the benefits of the non-profits in this area.

Now, sit back and enjoy the show!