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Photo redux: Vintage Band Festival 2010

Paul NiemestoVintage Band Festival program guide 2013The 2013 Vintage Band Festival begins tomorrow and runs through the weekend. Paul Niemisto has done it again.

Rob Hardy has a blog post on Northfield.org titled Northfeld in the News: Vintage Band Festival 2013 that links to all the media coverage.

You can follow the @vintagebandfest Twitter feed for all the latest updates.

The Vintage Band Festival 2013 Program guide is available in print format all around town as well as online here.

See my album of 56 photos from 2010 (large slideshow, recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Living Treasure 2013 Paul Niemisto and pals will be playing on Bridge Square tonight for Winter Walk

Paul NiemistoWinter Walk Entertainment GuidePaul Niemisto

I badgered Paul Niemisto (AKA Mr. Vintage Band Festival) into letting me take his photo today, as he and some of his pals from the newly formed Bridge Square Band will be playing on Bridge Square for Winter Walk tonight. He’s teaming up with Rob Schanilec and the gang at By All Means Graphics and the Entertainment Guide for an Open House.

Paul was recently named the 2013 recipient of the Living Treasure Award by the Arts and Culture Commission of the City of Northfield. See the Nfld News article.

Paul Krause, Dancing Sun Multimedia, alerted me to his video of Professor Niemisto’s Tuba Christmas at St. Olaf:


Photos of Northfielders biking around town without helmets: all the cool kids are doing it

All the cool kids are doing itAs part of my public health campaign, I’m going to use this blog post to feature photos of Northfielders bicycling around town without helmets.  Why?

Because there’s substantial research available showing that:

  • the promotion of the wearing of helmets significantly discourages people from using their bikes for around-town bicycling
  • the fewer the number of people bicycling on a given street or in a concentrated geographic area, the more bike-car accident rates rise

In short, riding a bike around town without a helmet is a relatively safe activity. And society benefits (health, transportation, environmental, economic, etc.) the more that people do it.

(See my May 22 blog post, Bike helmet promotions are bad for the public health of Northfield, for more. Chime in there if you want to discuss the issue, not here.)

For some of the photos, I’ll identify people by name. For others, I’ll just post them with maybe a note about where the photo was taken.  As I add photos to this blog post, I’ll add a comment to the thread to alert everyone that a new photo has been added.

Cody Larson, Jake Olsen; Division and 4th St. Nate Nelson, Division near 5th st. alley by the Contented Cow outdoor patio Paul Niemisto on Water St. near Bridge Square

Vintage Band Festival sets up its HQ downtown

Paul Nimisto VBF ad in The New Yorker
Having placed an ad in the July 12 & 19 issue of The New Yorker, Paul Nimisto’s life is about to go from hectic to ape shit.

The Vintage Band Festival (VBF) starts next week: "Over 100 concerts by 25 historical American and international bands in 4 days."

Vintage Band Festival HQ Vintage Band Festival HQ Vintage Band Festival poster Vintage Band Festival venues
Vintage Band Festival headquarters: the now-vacant Community Resource Bank building downtown at 4th and Division, right on Bridge Square.

Follow VBF on Twitter and VBF on Facebook.

Vintage Band Festival Contra Dance, by Dan Bergeson

[show_avatar email=bergeson@northfieldwifi.com]Okay, so most of the news about the Vintage Band Festival so far has been about the bands. But there’s a number of other events during the weekend. Like the VBF Contra Dance, for instance.

The Vintage Band Festival Contra Dance will feature music by The Dodworth Saxhorn Band of Ann Arbor, Michigan and will be led by dance instructor/caller Robin Nelson.

Dancing will begin at 8:30 p.m. with a “Grand March” led by 60 costumed members of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry Brigade, followed by a variety of period dances including polkas, contra dances, schottisches, reels and waltzes.

No previous dance experience is required; no dance partner is needed! Dance instruction will be provided from 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. and is recommended for all participants. Dance instruction will also be provided before each dance and “called” out after the music gets underway.

All ages are welcome, but participation in the dance is recommended for ages 10 and up.

What to Wear? Dress as you’d like: comfortable shoes and long skirts are recommended. This dance will feature costumed groups from visiting bands and living history groups, so all manner of 19th Century Vintage (or period looking) costumes are enthusiastically encouraged!  (If you have ever wanted to wear breeches or dance in a hooped skirt – this is your big chance! But costume dress is encouraged but entirely optional.)

If you didn’t contribute to VBF and get a pin, dance tickets are $10 per person. All tickets must be reserved in advance. VBF pin donors receive 2 complimentary dance tickets.

Become a VBF donor!

Reserve Dance and Vaudeville Tickets Now!

The Northfield Ballroom is located on Highway 3, 1/8 mile north of downtown Northfield. The Ballroom is air conditioned and has a beautiful wooden dance floor. Parking is available on site.

Party on!

Vintage Band Festival returns Aug. 5-8, by Dan Bergeson

[show_avatar email=bergeson@northfieldwifi.com]If you were around in 2006, you may remember the Vintage Band Music Festival in early August of that year. There were brass bands and folks in period dress on every street corner and in every bar, restaurant, and church in Northfield. It went on for four days (it was also very HOT!).

Well, we’re doing it again. August 5-8 in Northfield and surrounding communities we’re going to stage Vintage Band Festival 2010. This time it’s 25 bands (not 15) and 100 concerts (not 50). There will be a contradance, a vintage baseball game, a battle of bands along the Cannon River and more music than you can absorb in a week, let alone a weekend. It’s going to be spectacular.

The headliner will be the Russian Horn Capella, from St. Petersburg, Russia. These guys make music with horns that each only play one note. The shortest horn is 6 inches and the longest is over 10 feet. The sound the ensemble produces hasn’t been heard anywhere in the world since the 18th Century and has never been performed in the United States by anyone. If the unique aspect of their music needs any confirmation, it’s interesting to note that they played a concert at the Vatican in the past month.

The Russian Horn Capella will be joined by three other international acts. Tschecharanka Blaskapelle is a tight Bohemian-style brass ensemble from south Burgenland, Austria. Passion des Cuivres from Berlin, Germany was with us in 2006 and returns with more 19th century music played on authentic, period instruments. The Wind Band of the Music Institute of Eastern Helsinki, Finland promises to show us what a group of talented teen musicians can do with brass instruments.

This group  of performers with be joined by an all-star lineup of national and regional acts from Baltimore to New Ulm. I’ll tell you more about those in a later post.

For now, SAVE THE DATES: August 5-8 in Northfield. For more information including a complete schedule of events and list of performers, visit the Vintage Band Festival website.

Oh, yeah, if you do the Facebook thing, we’re there as well: Vintage Band Festival Facebook page. Please like us!