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Now taking appointments for low cost spay/neuter program for outdoor cats

Farm CatsIn an effort to decrease the number of kittens coming into the world and increase the quality of life for "barn cats" and "community cats" which live outside, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society has teamed up with Dr. Charlie Gumbusky’s Just Cause Four Paws Low Cost Spay/Neuter program for outdoor cats.

To qualify for this program, the cats you wish to have altered must live outside only. We have held very successful spay/neuter clinics during the months of March, April and May and are now taking surgery appointments for the following spay/neuter clinic dates; June 15, July 6 and July 20.

You will pay $50 per cat (which includes the surgery and a rabies vaccination) that you wish to have altered under this program. This is much less than you would pay at a veterinary clinic to alter your cats.  All surgeries will be done at the PEHS shelter in our Natalie Perry Smead memorial surgery suite on the above mentioned dates.

A feline distemper vaccination is also offered for an additional $10 fee per cat. The feline distemper vaccination is not required, but is strongly recommended.

If you have cats that you would like to schedule for any of the above dates, please contact the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society at 507-334-7117 or email admin@prairiesedgehs.org and you will be contacted regarding scheduling and further information for the spay/neuter program.

Please help us to control the over population of cats.

PEHS Walk for Animals is May 19

DSC_0272Prairie’s Edge Humane Society’s “Walk for the Animals” is only a few days away, coming up on Saturday, May 19th at the PEHS shelter, 1201 Cannon Circle, Faribault, MN 55021. There will be a contest for the most funds raised, with a prize awarded in the adult and 16 and under categories. Will you be the winner? Ask your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else you know for a donation and you could be the winner of some fabulous prizes! You can download a pledge form by clicking here or set up your own on line fundraising page by clicking here. Turn in your collected donations at the registration desk on the day of the walk. If you collected on line donations, simply print out a copy of your donation page and bring with you. Everyone who raises at least $50 will receive a free Walk for the Animals T-shirt as well as a dog or cat treat bag (while supplies last). Can’t make it the day of the walk? You can still donate by clicking here.

DSC_0404All Walk routes start at the PEHS shelter and are marked for ½ mile or 1 mile lengths, you may turn around at any time during your walk or you may walk further if you like, simply walk the route several times. You may walk anytime between the hours of 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM or join in the group walk led by our Celebrity Grand Marshall, Scooby Doo at 9:30 AM. If you do not have your own pet to walk, we will rent you one! For a $5 donation, you can walk one of the shelter dogs for ½ hour.

This year we will once again have games and raffles for you and your pet, so make sure you bring the entire family for a fun filled morning. Is your dog artistic? For only $5 you can find out when your pet paints his/her own project for you to take home, with their paw using safe, washable ink. There will also be vendors, rescue groups and a food booth for your lunch or a snack.

The Prairie’s Edge Humane Society shelter will open at 10:30 AM on the day of the walk so that you can visit the shelter animals, inquire about adoption, or shop our retail area. Don’t miss out on all of the great activities for the “Walk for the Animals”. Help us make this our largest Walk ever and raise funds for the homeless animals of the PEHS shelter!

Link to set up fundraising page http://www.razoo.com/

Link to donate http://www.razoo.com/story/Sandy-Walkfortheanimals-Fundraisingpage

Help me Rhonda, help me get you outta my heart

There are many animals who pass through the doors of Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and while they are all special in their own way, every once in a while, there comes along an “extra” special one. “Rhonda” is a Finnish Spitz mix dog who came to the PEHS shelter as a stray back in September.  She was found injured, scared and wandering by an area farmer. Rhonda had an injury to her hip and her knee on her rear right leg.  It was obviously an old injury that had never been treated as she had lost a lot of muscle mass in her hip and leg.  It was very quickly discovered what a sweet personality this dog had and a face that looked as if she was smiling at us. She seemed to be saying to us "help me". It was obvious her name at that point would be "Rhonda", derived from the Beach Boy’s song "Help Me Rhonda".

DSC_0419[2] 058 054 DSC_0070[1]

As the lyrics of the song go "well Rhonda you caught my eye, and I can give you lots of reasons why"…Rhonda caught not only our eyes, but our hearts as well and the reasons are many. Rhonda was in much pain. She had a dislocated hip and a torn ligament in her knee.  She would need extensive surgery and rehabilitation. And starting her on heartgard plus. Her medical costs would be expensive. But as soon as we met her, we were all amazed by her happy and hopeful attitude even though she was in so much pain. This attitude has remained throughout her long stay at the shelter. So the decision was made to surgically repair her injuries and give Rhonda the chance she deserved.This dog was very obviously full of love to share and we needed to give her the opportunity to share it. The call went out to our donors via emails and our website that we needed to raise funds to help this sweet girl.  And our donors responded as they so often do for us. 

So Rhonda’s journey with us had begun. She was immediately put on medication to control her pain, while decisions were made for her treatment.  Upon an examination by our shelter veterinarian, some more x-rays and consultations with other area veterinarians, it was determined that the best option for Rhonda would be two surgeries; one to repair her hip and a separate surgery to repair the knee.  Rhonda came through both surgeries like a trooper, always a tail wagging for us and that “smiling” face looking at us as if to say “thank you”.  Rhonda received therapy each day from our staff and as her stay with us grew longer we began to realize how Rhonda was also helping us.  As the lyrics of the song go on to say “well Rhonda you look so fine, and I knew it wouldn’t take much time, for you to help me Rhonda”….Rhonda began to help us with other animals at the shelter. 

Each animal is given a behavior test when they come to the PEHS shelter. One of the aspects of this test helps us to determine their behavior towards other animals in order to help with their adoptability.  Sometimes it is very difficult for us to determine this as we don’t always have the opportunity to safely introduce animals to each other in order to see the reaction as we don’t always have another dog that is able to calmly meet the dog which is being tested. Rhonda is such a gentle soul who seems to want to make friends with every creature she comes in contact with and she is able to do so calmly and without causing added excitement or stress to the other animal. 

She has been helping with these behavior tests during her rehabilitation by greeting other dogs through a fence, for the safety of both animals, and she seems to understand that she needs to be calm and even ignore what the other dog’s reaction is by simply turning away from them if they become excited or anxious during the meeting. She actually seems to understand what she is doing for us and the other animal.

Rhonda’s help does not only extend to the other dogs at the shelter.  Rhonda is also making friends with the cats. Rhonda has helped us to learn the behavior of some of the cats around dogs as well, which will help us to inform possible adopters whether or not the cat will be comfortable living with a dog in the home, making these cats more adoptable as well.

While recuperating at the shelter Rhonda has been spending time hanging out in the business office.  Her favorite place is to lie under the table in the office and just watch the activities and perhaps steal a snack or two off our desks when we are not looking (and actually sometimes while we are looking). Chicken in a Biscuit crackers seem to be her favorite guilty pleasure to steal.  Rhonda likes nothing better than to just hang out with people and every now and then she will come up to you and paw gently at your leg as if to say, “you have worked enough, time for a break”, when she wants your undivided attention which of course she gets every time!  When she sees people she knows she softly dances back and forth on her front paws until that person stops and pays the appropriate amount of attention to her, earning her the nickname “the tap dancer” from the kennel staff at the shelter. 

Rhonda is walking a little more on her leg each day and she is now off of the pain medication.  She does take a joint supplement each day for her knee and as normal with Rhonda; she is wonderful about taking her pill for us.  We are very happy to report that after nearly a four month stay with us, Rhonda is now available for adoption! Rhonda is going to have some special requirements of her new home and our staff will cover those prior to her adoption. 

Rhonda has had a long journey with us.  We are very hopeful that we will be able to find that special person or family who will adopt Rhonda and give her the loving home she deserves.  We want nothing more than to be able to continue to help other animals in need such as Rhonda.  In order to do so we need your help.  Please consider giving a donation to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society in honor of Rhonda so that we can help the next “Rhonda” who comes to the shelter.  You can donate on line via our website www.prairiesedgehs.org or by mailing a check to 1201 Cannon Circle, Faribault, MN 55021.

As you can tell, Rhonda has stolen everyone’s heart at the shelter and she is very special to all of us.  While it will be hard for us to say goodbye to her, we want nothing more than for her to have her own forever home where she will be loved.  And so the lyrics of the Beach Boy’s song continues…”You gotta help me Rhonda, help me get her out of my heart… help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda”. 

Rhonda, I know you will always be in the hearts of the staff and the other animals at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. You are a very special girl.  We may have “helped” Rhonda, but she definitely helped us as well. 

Please donate to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society on Give to the Max Day, Wednesday, November 16th!

Meet Rhonda, a Beautiful Finnish Spitz mix dog currently at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society

DSC_0419[2] DSC_0079[3] DSC_0070[1]

"Hello Everyone! My name is Rhonda and I’ve been here at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society for a while now.  When I first came here, I was lost, scared and had an injury to my hip and knee that was causing me a lot of pain.  The folks here at Prairie’s Edge have been so kind to me.  They had a veterinarian check out my injuries and he said I had a dislocated hip and torn ligaments in my knee. 

So they operated on my hip first and now I am recuperating here at the shelter until I am strong enough to have my knee operated on also. I’m able to exercise in the yard here at Prairie’s Edge and I don’t have that horrible pain in my leg anymore, I’m so happy! These nice folks are going to give me some physical therapy and fix me up real good, so that I can be adopted by someone who will care for me, love me and I won’t be alone anymore.

But it costs a lot of money to do all these wonderful things for me. They could really use your help, there are other animals here who need the same love and attention just like they are giving me.  Won’t you consider a donation to Prairie’s Edge on Give to the Max Day? Thanks so much for helping me and all of the other animals here at PEHS. I need to go rest now in the nice warm, comfy bed they have for me!" – Rhonda

There are many other animals such as Rhonda at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society who need your help! Please consider a donation on Give to the Max Day, Wednesday, November 16th.

188192_188660491186784_5644643_n[1]Your on line donation could help PEHS win even more money from GiveMN.org. Click on the Give to the Max logo on Wednesday and make your donation to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.

Here are some ways to stretch your donation and help PEHS even more!

Win a Golden Ticket and Super Size It!

One donor will be randomly chosen every hour to have $1,000 added to their donation. This could be you! And, one $10,000 Super-sized Golden Ticket will be drawn from a donation made sometime during the 24 hours of giving. You could win Prairie’s Edge Humane Society a $10,000 jackpot! So consider donating at an “off” time, such as early in the morning or late at night to increase your odds in the drawing. If you plan to give a larger amount, break it up into smaller donations throughout the hour; that will increase PEHS’s entries in the drawing! There is a $10 minimum donation on line so if you plan to donate $100, break it up into ten $10 donations in one hour instead!

Help Prairie’s Edge Humane Society Win the Grand Prize

This year nonprofits will compete for prize grants on three leaderboards based on the number of dollars raised on Give to the Max Day. Your donation could put Prairie’s Edge Humane Society in the running to win $15,000, $10,000, $7,500 or $5,000. The more you give the better chance we have to win even more money!

It’s easy to help the homeless animals at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society…just click on the Give to the Max logo and donate!

"Spay" ghetti dinner to benefit Prairie’s Edge Humane Society spay/neuter programs

Spay-Day-photoPrairie’s Edge Humane Society will be holding a “Spay”ghetti Dinner on Thursday, November 17th, from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Northfield Eagles Club, 304 S. Water St., Northfield.   Funds raised at the “Spay”ghetti Dinner will be used to benefit the Community Outreach Spay/Neuter programs sponsored by Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.  Advanced tickets are $6 and can be purchased at Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic and Countryside Animal Hospital and Kennels in Northfield or at the PEHS shelter in Faribault.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $7.  What a great deal!  All the spaghetti you can eat and you will be helping to fund some great programs!
Since our inception, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society has stressed the importance of spaying and neutering as the non-lethal solution to pet overpopulation.  We were the first animal shelter in Minnesota to require sterilization of all animals before adoption, and we offer unique programs to help pet owners spay and neuter their own animals.
PEHS currently sponsors two Community Outreach programs for spay/neuter surgeries.  A low cost program for income qualified families to spay/neuter their pets thru area veterinary clinics, as well as a low cost program to spay/neuter outdoor cats and “community” cats thru the Just Cause Four Paws Spay/Neuter Clinic held monthly at the PEHS shelter.  Both of these programs are low cost surgery programs which are funded by grant money as well as donations.   Our current grant funding for these programs has been exhausted so until new grant funding is available we are hosting the “Spay”ghetti Dinner in an effort to raise funds to continue these important community outreach programs.
Please join us!  Your donation of $7 (or $6 in advance) will benefit the homeless animals at the PEHS shelter by preventing more litters of kittens and puppies! Here is the link to spay/neuter program info on our website.

The abandoned and neglected are cared for at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society

HPIM0073All too often there are days at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society shelter when we receive in animals who have been abandoned or neglected and we find ourselves doing whatever we can to ease their pain and hope that they will heal (physically and emotionally) and at some point we will be able to find them loving homes where they will be cared for and loved as they should be. We often get donations from generous local patrons or pet stores – last month having received top rated automatic litter boxes, which are quite useful given cats dislike using other cats’ litter boxes due to smells.

This week has given us two abandoned kittens left in a cardboard wine box in our parking lot. We estimate their age to be approximately 3-4 weeks old.   One with a horrible soar on its side from a botfly larva, now the size of a quarter, that had implanted itself in this poor kitten’s skin.  (see photo)

HPIM0081Dr. Charlie Gumbusky, our contracted veterinarian for the shelter, happened to be at the shelter at the time these kittens were found in our parking lot so he immediately removed the botfly from the kitten.  This left a large soar in the side of the kitten which will be treated with antibiotics and watched closely for infection.

HPIM0085It is against the law to abandon animals in our parking lot.  The shelter was open at the time and several employees and volunteers were available and could have helped whoever abandoned the kittens.  If the person was not able to pay a turn in fee to PEHS, we would still take the kittens and care for them.  We do not turn any animal away due to financial situations.  It was a very hot day outside and one of our staff was taking items to the dumpster when he noticed a box sitting in the parking lot.  We do not know how long they had been there.

HPIM0104This week also brought us two adorable rabbits that had been very much neglected.  Both had claws that had never been trimmed and were over an inch long. (see photo)  Their claws had grown so long that they were curling.  One of the rabbits had fur that was so matted, causing it pain, so our staff spent hours slowly and delicately working on the tangled mess of rabbit hair, having to stop for periods of time so as not to stress the rabbit too much.  This process took place over a two day period.  When finished there was enough hair removed from the poor rabbit that the pile of hair was enough to cover another rabbit.  (see photo) Both rabbits were very stressed and our staff is working to do whatever we can to avoid further stress for them.

HPIM0101These precious kittens and the rabbits will all be lovingly cared for over the next few days and weeks by our staff and volunteers until they are someday ready to go on the adoption floor.   The added special attention required by these animals over the next few weeks is an added cost to the already stressed budget of the shelter.  You can help us to care for these special cases by donating to the Animals with Special Needs Fund.

Moda and Burberry, two dogs who stole our hearts

Every now and then there are animals who come to the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society shelter and steal our hearts with their stories and their ability to love humans despite what has been done to them.  We would like to share the stories of two such dogs that are currently at the shelter that have become very special to us while they await their forever homes.

Meet Moda

Moda is a loving Pit Bull Terrier mix dog. We estimate Moda to be about two years old. She is an amazing dog that all of us at the shelter have fallen in love with. She adores people and her favorite thing in the world is to give hugs!

Moda’s previous living conditions were not so good, she lived with male dogs who we assume bit and chewed her up a lot.  She shows scars on various parts of her body, ears, legs, paws, head, shoulders and face.  Moda had very obviously given birth to numerous litters of puppies in her short life as her skin was abnormally stretched from nursing puppies when she first came to us.

When Moda came to us she had entropion, which is the curling in of the eyelids.  This was causing her much pain and affecting her ability to see clearly, which made her very scared of things when she first came to the shelter.  Our veterinarian, Dr. Charlie Gumbusky, did surgery on her eyes to correct the problem and she is healing very nicely, she feels SO much better, has come out of her shell and is a much happier dog. 

Moda, the wonder dog, as we call her, is not entirely confident with other dogs, for obvious reasons, and her new owners will need to expect to put in some work helping Moda get comfortable around other dogs but the work will be worth it and Moda could be a great ambassador for her breed!  Moda has been with us since May 3rd and we would really like to find her a home.  We know there is someone special out their for Moda and her new owners will need to meet with our dog trainer prior to the adoption being approved.  Her favorite game is fetch and she would rather get a hug from you than a treat while you play with her. 

Moda is a big, strong girl at 57 pounds. Moda has been spayed, is microchipped, is current on vaccinations, has tested negative for heartworm, and is ready to find her forever home and show how much love she has to give in return! Moda’s adoption fee is $95.00!

Meet Burberry

Burberry is a friendly English Coonhound dog. We estimate Burberry to be about four years old. Burberry is a nice girl who was always kept outdoors without a lot of human contact or other animal interaction. She was used for a hunting dog in the past and was turned in to us because her previous owner no longer hunted so no longer needed her. 

Burberry did not know what a vinyl floor or a concrete floor was and was scared to walk on it, as she had never experienced it prior to coming to the PEHS shelter.  She was very scared when she first came to us and also had an untreated injury to her tail. Surprisingly, despite the neglect she experienced, she seems to have lots of love to give.  After having her tail injury treated and working with our staff, she now understands that vinyl flooring and a cement floor will not hurt her.  She is always very happy to see you and loves playing and cuddling with any human that wants to hang out with her and has become a very well rounded dog.

Burberry’s new owners should expect to start with some of the very basic training with her including housetraining, walking on leash, and manners. We strongly recommend that her new owners plan to take her to good manners training classes to help ease her transition from being an outside dog to being a loved, included member of the family. Burberry has been with us since April 28th and it is time for her to find a loving home. Burberry’s adoptors will need to meet with our dog trainer prior to the adoption being approved.

Burberry is a large dog at just over 62 pounds, she has been spayed, is microchipped, is current on vaccinations, and is ready to find her forever home! Burberry’s adoption fee is $95.00!

Moda and Burberry have been working together with our trainers, have been playing together and have actually helped each other  work through some issues while they wait for new homes.  These are two great dogs who came from not so good situations, and will need a home that is dedicated to continuing their training and socializing, and in return will give their new owners lots of unconditional love.  If you or someone you know is interested in giving Moda or Burberry the loving home they deserve, please contact the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117 for more information.

Spend some time with either of these dogs… you are guaranteed to have your heart stolen too!

It’s Cat-A-Palooza at PEHS

294June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and we’re holding Cat-A-Palooza to help you find your new feline friend!  If you’ve ever thought about adopting a cat, now is the time and we’ve got some great deals during the month of June to help you find your new Furry Feline Friend!  The PEHS shelter is loaded with wonderful cats and kittens who need homes.  Now’s the time to adopt your new best friend! 

On Saturday, June 18th, from noon-5:00 PM, pick out your new feline friend, then spin the wheel for an adoption fee discount or free merchandise.  Every spinner’s a winner! Once you have picked out your new kitty and have been approved for adoption, you could win a 10%-40% discount on the adoption fee or free merchandise such as cat food, toys or even a microchip for your new pet!  For an added bonus, every visitor to the PEHS shelter on June 18th will receive a FREE DOG!  (hot dog that is, but we do have several dogs available for adoption as well)

183Every Friday during the month of June we’re holding "Furry Friday’s Forty Dollar Felines!".  All cats over the age of 6 months are only $40 on Friday’s.  Adopt a cat for $40 on a Friday and you will receive a microchip for your new feline friend for only $20!  (regular adoption fee $75, regular microchip fee $25)

Multi-Cat Discounts!  Adopt two adult cats on ANY DAY during the month of June who are compatible with each other and you will receive a discount!  For a $100 adoption fee you will receive both cats.  (regular adoption fee $75 each cat)

With the large number of kittens continually coming into the shelter during this time of year, we are in need of people who can foster kittens in their home.  Foster’s are typically needed anywhere from one to five weeks or until the kittens are big enough to return to the shelter to receive their spay/neuter surgeries and be made available for adoption.  The PEHS shelter will provide food, litter and any medical treatment.  The foster home provides love.  Some foster homes will care for a mother cat with nursing kittens and some will care for just kittens.  Some of these kittens are orphans who are very tiny and may need to be bottle fed.  Our staff will instruct you on how to do so. 

If you are interested in fostering kittens for the PEHS shelter you can download the foster application from our website or contact the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117 or email volunteer@prairiesedgehumanesociety.org.  You will then be scheduled to attend a one hour foster training program.  Please consider becoming a foster home, the rewards are many!

Unable to adopt a cat or foster kittens?  You can still help the homeless kittens at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society by donating to a fund specifically designated to care for the Orphaned Kittens who come to the PEHS shelter.  Caring for these tiny babies can be costly.  You can help by making an online donation to the "Orphan Kitten Fund". 

Please consider adopting a cat during the month of June.  The number of homeless cats at the PEHS shelter continues to increase daily.  This is "Kitten Season".  Kitten Season exists because people do not spay or neuter their pets. Please be a responsible pet owner and have your pet spayed or neutered.  While your pet is producing those "cute" kittens that you know you "can give away to your neighbors and friends", there are over 80 cats at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society who are desperately in need of homes.   

Low cost outdoor cat spay/neuter program now available through PEHS

alley_cat_allies_kitten_season1Do you have outdoor/barn cats that are unaltered?  If so keep reading for information on a new Prairie’s Edge Humane Society program to help reduce the number of outdoor cats through spay/neuter. 

This program will decrease the number of kittens coming into the world un-intentionally and increase the quality of life for the cats that live outside.  To qualify for the Outside Cat Spay/Neuter Program, you will need to meet the following requirements.

  • The cats you wish to have altered live outside only and are provided food, water and shelter by you on a regular basis.
  • You will pay $50.00 per cat (covers surgery and a rabies vaccination) you wish to have altered under this program. This is much less than you would pay at a veterinary clinic to alter your cats.
  • The feline distemper vaccination is optional and will be an additional $10.00 per cat. (Vaccinations for distemper are strongly suggested.)
  • You must meet the following household income requirement;  have a combined household income of $40,000 or less.

Surgeries will be done at the PEHS shelter through the Just Cause Four Paws Clinic program

To apply for the Just Cause Four Paws Clinic Outside Cat Spay/Neuter Program call the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117, let them know that you are calling regarding the Outside Cat Spay/Neuter Program, leave your name and phone number. A volunteer will call you back regarding the requirements and scheduling for the program.  Space is limited, so you may be put on a waiting list.  We hope to increase the number of surgeries possible at future clinic days.

Some common concerns in regards to Spay/Neuter of outside cats:

At what age can the cats be altered? Kittens may be altered after they reach 2 pounds, which is usually after 8 –9 weeks.  Adult cats may be altered anytime.  Females may be spayed during early pregnancy. One unspayed female may be responsible for 100 more kittens in 18 months if not spayed.

Many of your cats may look the same or are too wild to handle, how do we alter those?  Ear-Tipping: This is a technique of removing the top corner of the cat’s left ear.  This is done while the cat is under anesthesia for its spay/neuter, so there is no pain.  The “tipped” ear is the universal symbol showing a cat has been through a spay/neuter program. This makes it possible for caretakers to differentiate between cats that have already been sterilized and ones that have not been sterilized.  Ear tipping also ensures that a cat will not undergo unnecessary repeat surgery.  For the not so tame cats, we can provide you with live trap/carriers.  Cats can then be brought into the clinic in the trap/carrier.  They will be sent home in the trap/carrier, which will allow you to open the door and let them out. There will be a $50 deposit per trap/carrier.   This will be returned to you when the trap/carrier is returned to the shelter.

What about stitches?  Stitches (sutures) are only used on the females, and are absorbable, so there will be no need to remove them later.