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Susan Perry Memorial Walk for the Animals and 5K Dog Run, Saturday, October 13th

Susan PerrySusan Perry had a huge love of all animals and was a great supporter and dedicated volunteer of Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. Sue tragically passed away in 2009. She was a long time Northfield resident and employee of Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic. She was generous to people and animals and is missed by everyone who was blessed to have known her. Prior to her death, Susan had been actively working with Prairie’s Edge Humane Society to plan a Walk for the Animals which would be held in Northfield each fall. After her death, it was obvious to all involved that not only should the planning for the Walk continue, but is should be done so in her honor.

Please help us honor Sue’s love of animals and the love shared by you and your pet by attending the 4th Annual Susan Perry Memorial Walk for the Animals and 5K Dog Run on Saturday, October 13th, here in Northfield beginning at the Northfield Dog Park along Hwy. 3. This year we are excited to announce the addition of a 5K Dog Run to the activities as well! All proceeds will benefit the animals at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. If you do not have your own pet to bring to the walk, there will be dogs available to "rent" for a donation to the shelter to walk with you or you may just enjoy a walk or run on your own as well!

You may register the day of the event beginning at 8:00 AM or registration forms can be downloaded from our website www.prairiesedgehs.org. You can also pick up registration forms at Cannon Valley Vet Clinic, Countryside Animal Hospital, Chuck & Don’s and Fit to be Tri’d here in Northfield or at the PEHS shelter in Faribault.

The run will start at 9:00 AM, the group Walk will start at 10:00 AM. If you wish to walk earlier than 10 AM you can walk on your own anytime between 8-noon. The walk route will be marked and will follow the bike trail which goes behind the dog park. The run will start at the dog park, cross the walk bridge and follow the bike trail through Sechlar Park and then return to the dog park.

Registration for the walk is $10 per person and the 5K run is $20 per person. Anyone under the age of 16 is free or anyone who has raised at least $50 in pledges will receive a free registration as well. Anyone who raises at least $50 in pledges will also receive a free t-shirt while supplies last!

You are encouraged to bring your pet to the walk or the run as long as your pet is friendly, leashed and up to date on their vaccinations!

Any business sponsorship for the walk or run of $50 will receive free walk admission for 5 employees or 2 free run registrations. With a $100 donation, 10 employees will receive free walk admission or 5 free run registrations. We have distributed sponsorship forms to many local businesses but if there is one out there who would like to sponsor and has not received a form, please contact kristin@ifencemn.comand we will get you the information.

Don’t miss the Blessing of the Animals by Father Henry Doyle at 9:45 AM!

We encourage participants to dress their dogs in costume for the event! There will be a gift basket from Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic and Retail Store for the best costume!

There will be post walk and run complimentary food and beverages, raffles, games, prizes for the most funds raised and an agility demonstration by Doris Saunier and her dog Saffy!

So come on out on the 13th for the fun and help raise money for the animals at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. It’s going to be a great morning filled with fun for you and your pet!

Download registration form here SusanPerry Memorial Walk 5K Run 2012

Download pledge form here Walkand 5K Run Pledge Form

Set up your own on line fundraising page by clicking here.

Donate on line to the Susan Perry Memorial Walk and 5K Run by clicking here .

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society to Host "Meow’s For Maggie" and "Dogs Along the Cannon" Events Thursday, July 26th

Maggie LeePut on your purple and stop by the Northfield News office (115 5th St. W.) for “Meows for Maggie,” a cat adoption event in conjunction with Northfield’s Crazy Daze and “Wear Purple Day” for Maggie Lee, longtime employee of the Northfield News and notable resident of the community.

The adoption event, put on by Prairie’s Edge Humane Society, will run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the News lobby. Maggie has been a long time supporter of the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and is well known for her love of cats, a regular subject of her weekly Northfield News column. She has adopted cats in the past from PEHS, adopting her most recent cat Cassandra just over a year ago. Maggie is now 91 and residents of Northfield will be honoring her during the annual “Crazy Daze” event in downtown Northfield.

Kittens and adult cats will be available (depending on what is currently at the shelter) for adoption in honor of Maggie, and anyone who adopts a cat from PEHS that day will be recognized on the PEHS website. Those adopting in honor of Maggie will be able to write a personal dedication to Maggie which will be posted on the PEHS website. Those who cannot adopt a cat have the opportunity to sponsor a cat at the shelter for one month for $25 in Maggie’s name. Those people will also be recognized on the website and a sign will be put on the cat kennel for one month at the shelter stating “I’m A Special Friend of Maggie.”

PEHS will also be selling purple cat harnesses and leashes, purple cat collars and purple “wobblers” – a treat and food dispensing toy for cats. All proceeds will benefit the animals at PEHS. Purple cat nip pillows will be given away for anyone who stops to visit, while supplies last.

Dogs Along the CannonThen after a day of shopping and entertainment you are invited to an artist reception and unveiling party hosted by Prairie’s Edge Humane Society for the limited edition print "Dogs Along the Cannon" from 6-8 PM at our dog training facility at 2018 Jefferson Rd, Suite 1 here in Northfield. Proceeds from the sale of the print will benefit the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.

Sarah Thornton of Lintu Art returns to Northfield for a second time to highlight the dogs of Northfield, Dundas, Faribault and surrounding communities for her “Dogs Around the Lakes” and “Dogs Along the River” series of colored pencil limited edition prints. Her inspiration came from walking her own dogs around Lake Harriet and observing the many other owners and dogs enjoying time together in these settings. Sarah has done a previous print “Dogs Along the River” back in 2010 with proceeds benefitting PEHS. We are very excited for the unveiling of the 2012 print!  In June Sarah came to Northfield and photographed 36 dogs from the area along the Cannon River. From those 36 dogs, she chose 16 to be on a limited edition print titled “Dogs Along the Cannon”.

Sarah will have prints available for purchase during the event as well as CD’s of the photos of the 36 dogs which were taken back in June from which she selected the dogs for the print.

Everyone is invited to come out and see the print. You are welcome to bring your well behaved, leashed dog to the reception; there will be a-paw-tisers for the dogs and the humans as well!

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society is one of 15 sites for the Great Northfield Rummage Raid for Charity

5th Bridge is having their annual Goods for Good garage sale today and tomorrow.

goods-logoGoods for Good is a community rummage sale event to raise money for various charities (chosen by each site host) that let’s anyone be a philanthropist. Sale hosts can convert unwanted household items into cash for their favorite cause without impacting their regular budget and non-profit organizations (clubs, schools, churches, etc…) can focus on their fundraising  without worrying about the event promotion.

Prairie's Edge Humane Society rummage sale Prairie's Edge Humane Society rummage sale PEHS staffers

Among the 15 sites participating: Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. See that book Sandy Vesledahl is holding? No barnyard jokes, please.

Help me Rhonda, help me get you outta my heart

There are many animals who pass through the doors of Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and while they are all special in their own way, every once in a while, there comes along an “extra” special one. “Rhonda” is a Finnish Spitz mix dog who came to the PEHS shelter as a stray back in September.  She was found injured, scared and wandering by an area farmer. Rhonda had an injury to her hip and her knee on her rear right leg.  It was obviously an old injury that had never been treated as she had lost a lot of muscle mass in her hip and leg.  It was very quickly discovered what a sweet personality this dog had and a face that looked as if she was smiling at us. She seemed to be saying to us "help me". It was obvious her name at that point would be "Rhonda", derived from the Beach Boy’s song "Help Me Rhonda".

DSC_0419[2] 058 054 DSC_0070[1]

As the lyrics of the song go "well Rhonda you caught my eye, and I can give you lots of reasons why"…Rhonda caught not only our eyes, but our hearts as well and the reasons are many. Rhonda was in much pain. She had a dislocated hip and a torn ligament in her knee.  She would need extensive surgery and rehabilitation. And starting her on heartgard plus. Her medical costs would be expensive. But as soon as we met her, we were all amazed by her happy and hopeful attitude even though she was in so much pain. This attitude has remained throughout her long stay at the shelter. So the decision was made to surgically repair her injuries and give Rhonda the chance she deserved.This dog was very obviously full of love to share and we needed to give her the opportunity to share it. The call went out to our donors via emails and our website that we needed to raise funds to help this sweet girl.  And our donors responded as they so often do for us. 

So Rhonda’s journey with us had begun. She was immediately put on medication to control her pain, while decisions were made for her treatment.  Upon an examination by our shelter veterinarian, some more x-rays and consultations with other area veterinarians, it was determined that the best option for Rhonda would be two surgeries; one to repair her hip and a separate surgery to repair the knee.  Rhonda came through both surgeries like a trooper, always a tail wagging for us and that “smiling” face looking at us as if to say “thank you”.  Rhonda received therapy each day from our staff and as her stay with us grew longer we began to realize how Rhonda was also helping us.  As the lyrics of the song go on to say “well Rhonda you look so fine, and I knew it wouldn’t take much time, for you to help me Rhonda”….Rhonda began to help us with other animals at the shelter. 

Each animal is given a behavior test when they come to the PEHS shelter. One of the aspects of this test helps us to determine their behavior towards other animals in order to help with their adoptability.  Sometimes it is very difficult for us to determine this as we don’t always have the opportunity to safely introduce animals to each other in order to see the reaction as we don’t always have another dog that is able to calmly meet the dog which is being tested. Rhonda is such a gentle soul who seems to want to make friends with every creature she comes in contact with and she is able to do so calmly and without causing added excitement or stress to the other animal. 

She has been helping with these behavior tests during her rehabilitation by greeting other dogs through a fence, for the safety of both animals, and she seems to understand that she needs to be calm and even ignore what the other dog’s reaction is by simply turning away from them if they become excited or anxious during the meeting. She actually seems to understand what she is doing for us and the other animal.

Rhonda’s help does not only extend to the other dogs at the shelter.  Rhonda is also making friends with the cats. Rhonda has helped us to learn the behavior of some of the cats around dogs as well, which will help us to inform possible adopters whether or not the cat will be comfortable living with a dog in the home, making these cats more adoptable as well.

While recuperating at the shelter Rhonda has been spending time hanging out in the business office.  Her favorite place is to lie under the table in the office and just watch the activities and perhaps steal a snack or two off our desks when we are not looking (and actually sometimes while we are looking). Chicken in a Biscuit crackers seem to be her favorite guilty pleasure to steal.  Rhonda likes nothing better than to just hang out with people and every now and then she will come up to you and paw gently at your leg as if to say, “you have worked enough, time for a break”, when she wants your undivided attention which of course she gets every time!  When she sees people she knows she softly dances back and forth on her front paws until that person stops and pays the appropriate amount of attention to her, earning her the nickname “the tap dancer” from the kennel staff at the shelter. 

Rhonda is walking a little more on her leg each day and she is now off of the pain medication.  She does take a joint supplement each day for her knee and as normal with Rhonda; she is wonderful about taking her pill for us.  We are very happy to report that after nearly a four month stay with us, Rhonda is now available for adoption! Rhonda is going to have some special requirements of her new home and our staff will cover those prior to her adoption. 

Rhonda has had a long journey with us.  We are very hopeful that we will be able to find that special person or family who will adopt Rhonda and give her the loving home she deserves.  We want nothing more than to be able to continue to help other animals in need such as Rhonda.  In order to do so we need your help.  Please consider giving a donation to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society in honor of Rhonda so that we can help the next “Rhonda” who comes to the shelter.  You can donate on line via our website www.prairiesedgehs.org or by mailing a check to 1201 Cannon Circle, Faribault, MN 55021.

As you can tell, Rhonda has stolen everyone’s heart at the shelter and she is very special to all of us.  While it will be hard for us to say goodbye to her, we want nothing more than for her to have her own forever home where she will be loved.  And so the lyrics of the Beach Boy’s song continues…”You gotta help me Rhonda, help me get her out of my heart… help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda”. 

Rhonda, I know you will always be in the hearts of the staff and the other animals at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. You are a very special girl.  We may have “helped” Rhonda, but she definitely helped us as well. 

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society Will Microchip Your Pet at Chuck & Don’s, Saturday, July 9th.

PEHS microchippingThinking about microchipping your pet?  Don’t miss this great opportunity to have your pet microchipped by Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (PEHS) for only $20 on Saturday, July 9th from noon-3:00 PM at Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet in Dundas.  Give your pet a better chance of coming home fast and safe if they ever become lost.  You won’t find a better price anywhere!  Insertion takes no longer than a vaccination, no appointment necessary, just show up with your pet.

Microchipping is not just for dogs either, make sure you microchip your cat as well.  You never know when “kitty” may accidently end up outdoors and become lost, many stray cats are brought to the PEHS shelter who are obviously someone’s house cat.  Veterinary clinics and animal shelters have universal scanners to check for a microchip and if one is found the cat can quickly be reunited with its owner.

If you have ever thought about having your pet microchipped, now is the time!  All proceeds will benefit the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.  (all pets coming to the microchip clinic must be on a leash or in a kennel)

There will also be information on all of the adoptable animals at the PEHS shelter as well as volunteer information and info on the various services and programs available thru Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.  Be sure to stop by and learn all about PEHS!  Thank you to Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet for this great opportunity for PEHS to microchip your pets!

It’s Cat-A-Palooza at PEHS

294June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and we’re holding Cat-A-Palooza to help you find your new feline friend!  If you’ve ever thought about adopting a cat, now is the time and we’ve got some great deals during the month of June to help you find your new Furry Feline Friend!  The PEHS shelter is loaded with wonderful cats and kittens who need homes.  Now’s the time to adopt your new best friend! 

On Saturday, June 18th, from noon-5:00 PM, pick out your new feline friend, then spin the wheel for an adoption fee discount or free merchandise.  Every spinner’s a winner! Once you have picked out your new kitty and have been approved for adoption, you could win a 10%-40% discount on the adoption fee or free merchandise such as cat food, toys or even a microchip for your new pet!  For an added bonus, every visitor to the PEHS shelter on June 18th will receive a FREE DOG!  (hot dog that is, but we do have several dogs available for adoption as well)

183Every Friday during the month of June we’re holding "Furry Friday’s Forty Dollar Felines!".  All cats over the age of 6 months are only $40 on Friday’s.  Adopt a cat for $40 on a Friday and you will receive a microchip for your new feline friend for only $20!  (regular adoption fee $75, regular microchip fee $25)

Multi-Cat Discounts!  Adopt two adult cats on ANY DAY during the month of June who are compatible with each other and you will receive a discount!  For a $100 adoption fee you will receive both cats.  (regular adoption fee $75 each cat)

With the large number of kittens continually coming into the shelter during this time of year, we are in need of people who can foster kittens in their home.  Foster’s are typically needed anywhere from one to five weeks or until the kittens are big enough to return to the shelter to receive their spay/neuter surgeries and be made available for adoption.  The PEHS shelter will provide food, litter and any medical treatment.  The foster home provides love.  Some foster homes will care for a mother cat with nursing kittens and some will care for just kittens.  Some of these kittens are orphans who are very tiny and may need to be bottle fed.  Our staff will instruct you on how to do so. 

If you are interested in fostering kittens for the PEHS shelter you can download the foster application from our website or contact the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117 or email volunteer@prairiesedgehumanesociety.org.  You will then be scheduled to attend a one hour foster training program.  Please consider becoming a foster home, the rewards are many!

Unable to adopt a cat or foster kittens?  You can still help the homeless kittens at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society by donating to a fund specifically designated to care for the Orphaned Kittens who come to the PEHS shelter.  Caring for these tiny babies can be costly.  You can help by making an online donation to the "Orphan Kitten Fund". 

Please consider adopting a cat during the month of June.  The number of homeless cats at the PEHS shelter continues to increase daily.  This is "Kitten Season".  Kitten Season exists because people do not spay or neuter their pets. Please be a responsible pet owner and have your pet spayed or neutered.  While your pet is producing those "cute" kittens that you know you "can give away to your neighbors and friends", there are over 80 cats at the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society who are desperately in need of homes.   

Dog and puppy training classes return to PEHS, thanks to E & J Management

1500 Clinton LaneBeginning January 3rd, our Dog and Puppy Training Classes will be returning to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (PEHS)!  After a few months of not being able to hold these classes, due to not having a facility in which to hold them since July, we will be starting them up again and they will be held in Northfield at 1500 Clinton Lane, Suite J, thanks to the fine folks at E & J Management.

This is an important program for PEHS not only because it is a program which helps owners and their dogs but it is also an important revenue source for the PEHS shelter, which is badly needed.

Thanks to Jon Jasnoch of E & J Management for helping us to find a facility which is conducive to dogs and the special needs of providing this class.  Once again a local business person has stepped forward to help when needed in our community!

The classes will run every Monday evening and each are one hour long, with Puppy Kindergarten at 6 PM, Basic Manners class at 7 PM and Advanced Manners class at 8 PM.  Our classes promote positive and effective training that is fun for you and your pet!  Our flexible classes allow you to attend when you are able and progress at your own pace.  The cost is $65 for 6 weeks, with a rolling enrollment so you can enroll and begin classes on any given week.

Our classes are taught by an accredited trainer, who has worked with dogs of all sizes, shapes and with various behavior issues.  She has worked with Great Danes to Chihuahua’s!  She is up to date on the latest training techniques and believes that "any behavior issue, as long as it is not medical related, can be fixed with dedicated and positive training".

Through these classes you can expect to improve communication with your dog as well as create a stronger bond and have fun with your dog!  We encourage you to bring your whole family – kids too!  Classes include a chance for supervised dog play time!

Please call the PEHS shelter at 507-334-7117 for more information or to register for classes.  Private lessons are also available for dogs that need some help at home or cannot attend class, please contact the shelter to discuss costs for private lessons.

Thank you to the Jasnoch family of E & J Management for helping PEHS!

Rocky’s adoption fee at PEHS to be paid by anonymous sponsor, by Sandy Vesledahl

Rocky PEHSPrairie’s Edge Humane Society is looking for a home for Rocky and thanks to an anonymous sponsor, Rocky’s adoption fee will be paid for anyone who adopts him.  Rocky is a big, beautiful black dog with one blue eye and one brown eye.  We are not sure what breed he is, perhaps some Retriever mixed with some Husky or perhaps some German Shephard, we do not know.

What we do know is that he is a very smart, loving, beautiful dog.  Rocky comes to PEHS with a sad story.  He was brought to us by law enforcement in a neighboring community after being abandoned with two other dogs in a home for five days with no food, no water, and no access to the outdoors.  Even with this horrible treatment by a former owner, Rocky is a loving, well mannered dog who just wants to be with people.  He knows how to sit and walks very well on a leash.  He is very quick to learn.  We estimate Rocky’s age to be approximately 3 years old.  He weighs a little over 71 pounds.  Rocky has been neutered, is current on some of his vaccinations, is heartworm negative, has been given a routine deworming and is now looking for his forever home and someone to love him and take care of him as he should be taken care of.

Rocky 2 PEHSRocky’s adoption fee is being sponsored by a special friend of Prairie’s Edge Humane Society in hopes that someone will take this beautiful dog into their home and treat him with the same love that he will give his new adopter in return.   If you are looking to adopt a shelter dog, now is the time!  We are also running a Microchip special thru the end of the month.   So along with your adoption fee, which will be paid for by his sponsor, you can have Rocky microchipped for only $20!

Adopters must fill out a pre-adoption application and be approved by our staff as per all our adoptions.  Included in the adoption is a free sample of Science Diet Dog food, a one year membership to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society, and a complimentary wellness exam at a local veterinary clinic for Rocky!  This is a wonderful opportunity made possible by a special friend of Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.  Please stop by the shelter to meet this beautiful dog today!

Bunny Bonanza: Hop to the rescue, by Sandy Vesledahl

[show_avatar email=sandy.vesledahl@wigleyandassociates.com] Prairie’s Edge Humane Society currently has two rabbits who have been at the shelter for some time now and we would really like them to have a forever home so we need you to HOP TO THE RESCUE!

Jeckle Jeckle has been at the shelter the longest, she has been with us since July. She is a sweet young black and white rabbit. We estimate her age to be approximately one year old. Jeckle came to the shelter with her sibling Heckle. Heckle has been adopted but poor Jeckle is still living with us. Jeckle is reported to have lived with kids, cats, dogs and as stated previously another rabbit in her previous home and was said to be friendly with all of them. Jeckle is very active and likes to play, she is very entertaining to watch and would make a wonderful companion for anyone.

Jack Jack has been at the shelter for about a month. He is a beautiful, very shiny, all black domestic rabbit. We don’t know a lot about his history because he was a stray. We are not sure about his age. What we can tell you is that he is very friendly, likes to be petted, can be held, and would gladly be your best friend as long as you keep him in carrots!

In order to help anyone who will HOP TO THE RESCUE and adopt Jeckle or Jack we have lowered their adoption fee to the special BUNNY BONANZA PRICE OF $10.00 for each of them.

You should know that PEHS does not spay or neuter rabbits or vaccinate them. You will need to check with your own veterinarian for recommendations on these procedures.

Rabbits are very social, fun and entertaining pets. For more information on living with a rabbit a very good source is the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society.

If you are interested in our BUNNY BONANZA and want to HOP TO THE RESCUE for Jeckle or Jack, please contact the shelter at 507-334-7117 for more information.