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Krin and Dale, Northfield Street Department workers, are getting ready for Crazy Daze and Taste of Northfield today

Krin and Dale Finger, Northfield City Street Department workers DSC02048 Crazy Daze Northfield 2012
At 5:55 am, Krin Finger and her main squeeze, Dale Finger, were taking time off from their duties as proprietors of the Rare Pair and the Quarterback Club, and put on their hats as Northfield City Street Department workers to set up barricades on Division St. for Crazy Daze and Taste of Northfield (Northfield.org blog post) today.

Should the City donate Q-block property for the train depot? Should the Planning Commission or EDA get involved?

Save the Northfield DepotLast night, the Northfield  City Council discussed whether it should give/lease Q-block property for the relocation of the Northfield train depot.

Are Quarterback Club owner Dale Finger’s objections valid?

What about Council members’ rationale for including or not including the Planning Commission and the EDA in the planning process?

Nfld News: Council: More research needed on plan to move depot

“Is it a viable business plan?” Mayor Mary Rossing asked rhetorically. “To me we’re going to have to make the case this is a good economic value to the citizens of Northfield.” Her suggestion to send the proposal to the Planning Commission and Economic Development Authority for their input got mixed reviews. Councilor Suzie Nakasian supported the idea, but Councilors Patrick Ganey, Betsey Buckheit and Rhonda Pownell found the move unnecessary…

Dale Finger, who not only owns the Quarterback Club, but a majority of land on the block under consideration, opposes the move. “I believe if the depot was to move there, any future development would have to be focused around the depot, limiting what could happen on my property,” he wrote in an April 5 e-mail to the council. “I also see this property being a gateway to downtown and someday hope a retail development will bring more traffic to the central business district.”


The Quarterback Club puts up a new sign. Oops.

Quarterback Club landscape improvements Quarterback Club landscape improvements Quarterback Club landscape improvements
Workers from Schad Tracy Signs put up a new sign at the Quarterback Club on Hwy 3 at 3rd St. yesterday, part of its landscaping improvements with cost-sharing help from the City of Northfield (see below).

Quarterback Club signs, old and new The old quarterback the new quarterback Quarterback Club sign in place
Unfortunately, the image of the quarterback on the sign is not quite what owner Dale Finger expected. As I wrote in a comment on yesterday’s Guess what this image is blog post, it looks to me like a chicken drumstick being shaken to the point where the skin and miscellaneous spices are flying off.

A fix is evidently in the works. Here are the details on the cost-sharing with the City:

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