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What kind of restaurant is moving into the old Bagel Bros?

Old Bagel Bros. Old Bagel Bros.
The old Bagel Bros. space on Division will soon be some kind of restaurant. Yesterday, a Lampert’s truck delivered lumber and over the weekend, the interior was painted.

The building owners, Kiffi and Victor Summa, won’t tell me what’s going in there so it’s time for speculation and rumors. What’s your guess?

Update 4/5, 11:30 am:  the company name on the architectural plan: Tea Creations LLC; Owners: Pa Nou Yang and Daniel Xiong

Northfield area restaurants: time to quit the polystyrene foam take-out containers?

polystyrene foam take-out containerRobbie and I seem to be ordering take-out more often during this recession. And when we do eat out, we end up taking home the leftovers (AKA doggie bag) more often.

More often than not, the contents are put into a foam take-out containers which are made out of polystyrene foam and do not biodegrade.

Might it be time for Northfield area restaurants to shift to bioplastic takeout boxes, like these?