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Podcast: At-Large Councilor Rhonda Pownell

Rhonda Pownell, Ross Currier, Tracy DavisOn our last podcast of 2009, we tried to decipher the Nfld News column by City of Northfield At-Large Councilor Rhonda Pownell titled Teamwork: Time to let go of fear, unforgiveness.  So this week, she came on our show to explain it herself.  From there, we broadened the discussion to include overall City Council performance for 2009 and anticipated new goals for 2010.

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Podcast: The Triumvirate tries to decipher Councilor Rhonda Pownell’s column

The LG Triumvirate

The LG troika was reunited this week and, after the requisite fluff segment, we spent the rest of the show discussing the guest column by City of Northfield’s At-Large Councilor Rhonda Pownell that appeared in last weekend’s Nfld News titled Teamwork: Time to let go of fear, unforgiveness.

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Rhonda Pownell receives $2,500 scholarship for NLC Leadership Summit

Rhonda Pownell Northfield City Councilor Rhonda Pownell will be travelling to Louisville KY in September to attend the Leadership Summit offered by the National League of Cities. She applied for and received a $2500 Michael H.T. Lynch Memorial Scholarship which "may be used to cover the registration fee, airfare, travel, and related expenses for the 17th Annual Leadership Summit." The theme of this year’s Summit is:

The Strength and Spirit of Leadership in Local Government

Often municipal officials and cities have invested in the skills and structures of change, but have forgotten the more intangible quality of spirit or inspiration, resulting in changes that are short lived or never transpire.  Successful leadership requires crossing diverse boundaries between individuals, groups, and organizations, around issues that live in a community, including those that can potentially divide the community.

The challenges facing communities require leaders who can make intentional and informed decisions with a variety of approaches to bring forward successful change and solutions. Such leaders have the capacity and the will to work together with other leaders who represent different organizations and perspectives within the community. Put into practice successful leadership that brings forth the strength and spirit of your community. 

Photos: Community Youth Fairs

Community Youth Fair Community Youth Fair  Mary Ho, Rhonda Pownell, Susan Hvistendahl at Community Youth Fair Community Youth Fair  Community Youth Fair  
I was out for a leisurely bicycle ride on Wed. night when I came upon the 7th annual Community Youth Fair(s) that was being held outside Bridgewater Elementary, hosted by the Northfield School District’s Community Services Division.

Alas, I only had time for a few photos as Mary Ho, Rhonda Pownell, and Susan Hvistendahl (L to R, center photo above) kept bothering me about the 2010 Census, even though I have it on good authority that these types of people should be avoided.

[I don’t why there was no mention of this event on the Community Services Division website nor via their Key Communicator emails. Nor was there any mention of it on the Northfield HCI blog, nor the Kid Happenings Northfield Public Library blog, nor the City of Northfield calendar, nor an article or press release in the Northfield News. All I found was this Aug. 12 blog post on Northfield.org with a non-PDF flyer attached.]