Bonnie Obremski

bonnie-obremski-headshot3 Bonnie Obremski is a journalist who loves to hear stories on mountain tops or coffee shops. Her Brooklyn-born parents raised her and fraternal twin sister Cristy in a ‘burb of Worcester, Mass. (that’s Wu-stah, if you’re a local), which is the third largest city in New England, just an hour south of Boston.

Bonnie Obremski's RepJ Blog
Bonnie Obremski's RepJ Blog

Bonnie attended Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. where she devised a major that combined journalism and outdoor adventure. She founded a Five-College Consortium magazine and worked as an intern for the Los Angeles Times. She graduated from Hampshire a semester early and globe trotted for a year before settling for a time in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts where she toiled at a respectable daily newspaper covering Williamstown, home of the prestigious Williams College.

Contact Bonnie at 774-272-0730 or See her RepJ blog for more.

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