Select a candidate: we need a local version

Sean Hayford O’Leary IM’d me about this cool tool on MPR’s website: Select a candidate.

By answering a series of questions about major issues, you can quickly learn which candidates are most closely aligned with your views. You’ll be able to learn more about each candidate, hear his/her positions on many issues, and find out how your results compare with those of others who take the survey.

I liked it in part because it made the holes in my knowledge more apparent without anyone knowing about my cluelessness. Plus, it allows you to ‘weight’ an issue depending on how important it is to you.

I took the Governor quiz and was pleasantly surprised that Peter Hutchinson‘s views were mostly closely aligned with mine, since I intend to vote for him. I then took the U.S. Senate quiz, intending to vote for Amy Klobuchar and was more than a little surprised that my views were much more aligned with Independence Party candidate Robert Fitzgerald.

I wonder what it would take to adapt this tool for the local races, eg, the Northfield City Council, Rice County Commissioner and (non-existent) School Board races? The League of Women Voters of Northfield should do something like this.

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